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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, would you agree or disagree?

Specifically relating to world governments or leaders, once a party or individual rises to the top of the power structure will they predictably abuse that power?

Furthermore, if the party or leader attains power but doesn't use it in a way that helps the most people possible, does that constitute corruption in your mind?

In party politics, does political gridlock constitute a failure of leadership akin to corruption?

What do you think?


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  • Jun 26 2013: Disagree, think of all the mundane things one trusts other people with everyday just to have a functioning world. The mundane positions of power people are given all the time that rarely are corrupt.

    It's all about the people. The real problem is simply in a group of human minds, there will always be someone to complain about whoever has power even if that person was the most perfect being on the planet. The more primitive parts of the human brain revolt against the idea, even if such suitable people exist.

    Since it's really about the bad perception of human beings, not about the truth of what is necessary. If you doubt this, consider climate change denial. To the enormous mountains of scientific progress one takes for granted every day but somehow the average person just completely is incapable of grasping the reality.

    People aren't good at grasping reality, and hence peoples judgement/values/views are really the problem. Not power and suitable people in power in and of itself.

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