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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, would you agree or disagree?

Specifically relating to world governments or leaders, once a party or individual rises to the top of the power structure will they predictably abuse that power?

Furthermore, if the party or leader attains power but doesn't use it in a way that helps the most people possible, does that constitute corruption in your mind?

In party politics, does political gridlock constitute a failure of leadership akin to corruption?

What do you think?


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  • Jun 25 2013: This is a great topic at this particular time.

    The US Government's walls of secrecy have been in place for a long time.
    I cannot imagine why those NSA, CIA, FBI, HLS Senior Officials haven't been
    called by their Boss to explain why the Whistle Blower's statements haven't been
    investigated for accuracy.

    A noose of Judicial rope has quickly been found and Government vigilantes
    are using, openly, the might of Enforcement to hang another Tattletale Patriot.
    One who claimed to be sick of the scalawags and their dirty deeds.

    The Head man at the FBI has just been replaced. And his replacement is
    beholden to the Boss, Looks bad for the Tattletale.

    The last time, during Clinton's gambit, his buddy was found dead in a city park.
    Suspected suicide, The head of the FBI was replaced about 3 days later.

    Go Figure...
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      aj trip

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      Jun 26 2013: Frank what do you think about this.... When I was in the Marines they had an interesting way of dealing with thievery by fellow Marines. If you were unlucky enough to have something stolen the brass didn't punish the thief, they punished the victim for providing an opportunity to the thief. My point is, by allowing the Gov to take liberties with our freedoms/rights we are giving our consent to be abused by them. In many ways we deserve whatever we get for not heeding the warnings of our founding fathers. The Marines policy is an acknowledgment of the nature of man, the corrupt nature. It's also a statement in support of personal responsibility.

      To your point about CIA/FBI/NSA bosses not demanding an accuracy check on the statements made by recent whistleblowers, maybe they aren't asking because they already know it's true.
      • Jun 26 2013: aj,
        Hey, thanks a bunch.
        I cannot answer the first part because I was a Air Force Korean Vet many years ago.
        The marines did the fighting and we did the flying, dropping poop on the navy. lol

        The second part is great.
        I had to watch Obama's speech today, but since we oldsters were playing pool
        we kind of ignored the TV. He isn't hard to ignore.

        I've noticed since after Ike was President, that our government has slid into a mindset of
        making "Preemptive Wars" upon other nation's shores, and starting our participation
        with a lie. Usually it is a lie that is hidden behind onion skins -secret, and deadly.
        The administrations don't even bother to ask congress's approval any more. And they
        act like we have no say in the matter at all. After the fact they ask congress to pay the bills.

        We citizens have allowed the 10 or 15 different administrations to get away with
        replacing other nation's governments by force or deceit, So, they took the allowance
        as a license to expand.

        The world is not stupid. We have become the boogie man, replacing communisms
        with our own brand, "The Western Powers".

        Red China is now just plain China in the media. Formosa is alone, and on it's own,
        named Taiwan. Our southern border resembles the Berlin Wall, and our government
        is building barriers as fast as they can. Moving returning troops to border areas
        is just another step in the wrong direction. The Mexican migration is slowing due
        not to a wall, or fence, or armed guards, but because the land of opportunity no
        longer exists.

        North Korea's leader made a tongue-in-cheek statement not very long ago. He said;
        that North Korea would make "Preemptive War" upon the United State's shores. He
        was pulling our leadership's leg, and they knew it. Full circle.

        I suppose the rest of the world is tired of the Bully.
        What is wrong with this picture?
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          Jun 26 2013: Firstly, thank for your service Sir. I love how tradition of ragging on the other branches is still strong with you. haha. The Navy seamen always say, "you know the Marines are a department of the NAVY don't you?" to which I say, "Yes its the MENS department". It's a good one if you say it quick enough haha.

          I remember while in Iraq thinking, I should've went AirForce rather then Marines. But knowing the conditions of the pilots in your fighting days, I'd say you probably had it harder then me on the ground in Iraq. So again thanks from one vet to another.

          I see and understand most of the things you brought up in your last comment. Even now Russia and China are allowing the NSA leaker Snowden to escape capture, a direct slap in the face to the American government. They know there are no consequences anymore. No fear of potential attack by the United States. The image of a berlin wall in our backyard is a sobering thought indeed.

          I will say however, I think troops should be on the southern border. The fence I can do without, but because it is you and I who fund our military's paychecks, I believe we should put them to work in ways that will train them and benefit the country directly. Border patrol along the southern border is very, very, similar to the day to day operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a beautiful solution in my opinion.

          I guess in the end we had a good run at being top dog, but it may be time for some good old fashioned American isolationism. We'd have to bring back our manufacturing might, and drop minimum wage standards to supplement the lack of money once generated by warfare, but it would be refreshing to go 20 or more years without any major conflicts.

          I think most of the fear surrounding China is unfounded, they do have a repressive government but they don't wage war very often and seem to be genuinely more interested in economic growth then costly warfare. Manufacture+Low wage = peace. Service based economy+high wage=war
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        Jun 26 2013: Hey, they do that in U.S. Marines too (punishing the victim of theft)? They did it in the Soviet Army when I was there in late 80s. Unofficially, of course. I've seen soldiers and officers committing massive thefts (like driving a tanker truck of gasoline away from a guarded fuel station and selling it to local civilians done by an officer with participation of the soldier on guard duty). When a thief was caught, he was openly condemned. If not, he was unofficially praised and celebrated. If a soldier had some of his equipment stolen - yes, he was held responsible for not watching over it for the lack of a better scape goat and the general attitude towards theft.

        How did you like this system in the Marines, by the way? Didn't it strike as unfair?

        I understand, we may have different perspectives on military service. In the U.S. Marines are honored - for a good reason. In the Soviet Union, the service was mandatory. It was called "an honorable duty", but it was, pretty much, 2 years of involuntary servitude.
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        Jun 26 2013: Re: "Even now Russia and China are allowing the NSA leaker Snowden to escape capture, a direct slap in the face to the American government. They know there are no consequences anymore. No fear of potential attack by the United States."

        Is it good or bad? Do Americans need to flex muscles around the world? Putin is no fool. Europe may be an American ally, but most of the natural gas supply to Europe comes from Russia. He sends a strong message to everyone that Russia is not to be pushed around. I respect that.
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        Jun 26 2013: Hello aj trip, thank you for the example about Marine!
        It seems in military everything have to be functional and vigilant. So that rule works.
        I know the society have the same rules but in unfunctional way. It punish the victim in order to punish somebody weak. Civilians couldn`t be so functional and vigilant in every minute as military. I know it because of my study mortial arts. So in civil life politicians should be as an flushers, nobody want to controle but requires them work. But without controle they became as a kings.
        Such a paradox.

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