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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, would you agree or disagree?

Specifically relating to world governments or leaders, once a party or individual rises to the top of the power structure will they predictably abuse that power?

Furthermore, if the party or leader attains power but doesn't use it in a way that helps the most people possible, does that constitute corruption in your mind?

In party politics, does political gridlock constitute a failure of leadership akin to corruption?

What do you think?


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  • Jun 26 2013: Just thinking out loud a bit, seeing as its only me writing to the wall, right? :) Well, the contemplation of power readily conjures up visions of freedom and, I guess, vice versa. Is power that which is granted us by others and freedom, that which we take for ourselves? Either way there is nothing inherently negative or degenerative about one or the other. At least that's the way I see it.
    Though, I would suggest that the total lack of boundary, social, moral, cultural,... would enable and possibly promote the acquiescence of a part of one's self to the greater motivation or urge, whatever that may be and possibly to a negative end. Maybe. Perhaps being free to do "whatever" totally, maybe it doesn't dictate disagreeable behavior. No one would consider corrupt that which everyone agreed to, correct?
    So is it in our best interest to accept and indeed desire less than complete freedom, power, only if limited? It's an arguement right, so I have to be either for or against so, No, nothing can corrupt a human being, though we can certainly entertain corruption from within.
    If my integrity has been corrupted, my wholeness, my virtue, in my own eyes, then I have succumbed to some greater force or need from within, even if in response to external forces. Nothing without can corrupt that from within unless I allow it. That makes me or us masters of our existence and as small as this may seem at times, this is a very big thing. Oh yeah, what's really cool is that we, each one of us, ultimately must decide which standards to march behind and possibly at times, that which was unacceptable, is now permissable. Just matbe, switching lines once in a while is what it's about.

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