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What role do creative individuals have in "the power of image"?

Creative individuals (artists, designers, photographers, film directors, etc.) can have a lot of influence within society and are often found on the forefront of social issues. My question, what role do creative individuals have in "the power of image"? is intended to start a discussion about participation, responsibility, and sensitivity to issues that stem from "the power of image".

Ex: In relation to the fashion industry, what role do creative individuals have in "the power of image"?

  • Jun 24 2013: As a wildlife artist, I never thought of myself of pointing the way for anyone, unless it was to depict the animal as it would be in life doing what life threw at it. I did do a design to help generate monies, to help out the wildlife that were caught up in the Gulf oil spill but to influence people- Not I.
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      Jun 24 2013: Think again. You don't think that iconic picture of the polar bear influenced people? or the one of birds injured in oil spills?
      • Jun 24 2013: Ok! I stand corrected! Just never thought of things that way. My design was very dramatic and lots of monies were raised to help out 3 different wildlife programs that were helping birds & other animals. I just do what needs to be done & don't think about the impacts.
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          Jun 24 2013: I think that is what most artists say.
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    Jun 24 2013: I remember reading a complaint a few months back, not on this site, that the most creative minds of the generation are hired to figure out how to get people to click on links online.

    The name "creatives" is very commonly applied to designers involved in marketing/advertising. Marketing/advertising is an interdisciplinary effort of those thinking about creative ways of grabbing people's attention and influencing their decisions.
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      Jun 24 2013: Art undeniably influences more than any other source.

      Hollywood art that influences towards socialism, outnumbers non biased art a million to one. But of course that was someone else's complaint you were talking about...
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        Jun 24 2013: I agree with you that grabbing of attention and influencing decisions and attitudes occurs not only in the commercial arena but in every sphere.
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      Jul 9 2013: Sometimes the creative individual is both the creator of the message (decides on the content) and the messenger (how to display the content), and other times (probably most of the time) they are the messenger conveying someone else's message, kind of like a "middleman".
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    Jun 24 2013: The power of image sounds like a pejorative?

    No one owns the future, it is created, the individuals who create it are the artists.

    Often they are co opted by the government as they create public opinion (not that they realize this). Watch any TV show the public servant is portrayed as a very noble person to be emulated, anyone in the private sector is portrayed as a derelict. Or the movie Avatar big evil corporation destroying the wonderful world of the sweet Na'vi. I would say the exact opposite is true.

    The artists are the ones who point the way so they should be afforded every opportunity to do that.