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Traffic regulations, especially speed limits seem outdated. Drivers ignore posted limits in favor of their personal judgment. New ideas?

Drivers no longer see posted limits as a regulation pertaining to them. Vehicles are easier to operate at faster speeds and roads are constructed for higher speeds. It can't just be people in a hurry - most simply ignore the consequences (speeding tickets, accidents, etc). that dramatically driving over the posted limit might bring. Do we need to raise the limits or can we find a new way to communicate to these drivers?

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    Jun 28 2013: In Scottsdale Arizona traffic accidents went down 50% when speed cameras were installed, and then went back up when they were removed. That seems to indicate a connection between excessive speed and accidents. Personal judgment, as always, seems to be inadequate as a way of improving public safety.
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    Jun 24 2013: Not a total solution, but .. what about a better traffic education for kids?
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    Jun 24 2013: Dennis, you do recognize that even if people break the rules, the rules still somewhat limit and govern them, in other words if the speed limit is 65 they may go 75, but if you made the limit 75 they'd go 85, thus making it 65 does slow them down, even if they're going over, correct?
  • Jun 24 2013: Cars without drivers will be coming soon, completely controlled and regulated.
    No more accidents, no more traffic violations.
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    Jun 24 2013: Can the speed at which cars travel be controlled?