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Are too few students focusing on Humanities?

I read yesterday that fewer than 8% of college students now major in humanities. The most popular major is Business Administration and then all the STEM fields.

Does this seem like a sensible mix, or has attention swung too heavily in one direction?

While I cannot now find the article, please let this interesting piece serve in its place: http://artsandhumanities.fas.harvard.edu/files/humanities/files/mapping_the_future_31_may_2013.pdf

Finally I came upon the report that motivated my question. http://humanitiescommission.org/_pdf/HSS_Report.pdf


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  • Jul 1 2013: I wish it was easier to find groups dedicated to Humanities and culture outside a college setting I don't really need the grade and projects I just want information if I'm taking an exploring world religion class (i got very frustrated with an exploring world religion teacher this last semester but enjoyed and did well in my cultural anthropology class.
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      Jul 1 2013: What are you looking for in such a group? Are you looking to read and discuss works with others? To discuss ideas specific to humanities and culture?

      Are you looking for something like Art+Culture? Or the Great Books Foundation discussion groups?

      Is an online education format like Coursera too college-like for you? You can audit a course, all for free, without doing any assignments and still engage with hundreds or thousands of students on the discussion board.

      I have taken a course through Coursera, and to me the discussion forum in particular does not feel at all like a college discussion setting. You might check them out!

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