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Are too few students focusing on Humanities?

I read yesterday that fewer than 8% of college students now major in humanities. The most popular major is Business Administration and then all the STEM fields.

Does this seem like a sensible mix, or has attention swung too heavily in one direction?

While I cannot now find the article, please let this interesting piece serve in its place: http://artsandhumanities.fas.harvard.edu/files/humanities/files/mapping_the_future_31_may_2013.pdf

Finally I came upon the report that motivated my question. http://humanitiescommission.org/_pdf/HSS_Report.pdf


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    Jun 26 2013: Hello. I think attention has swung too heavily into the direction of MONEY... Humanities require a special sensibility, a critical perspective on societies and culture, reflexiveness... I studied sociology because I like it and that is the more important thing for me. I am working as a waiter - but whats the problem? I've got the same dignity and valour as anyone working anything socialy considered as "superior". Besides what better place for a student of sociolgy than the field of action itself? It is a full time unpayed but rewarded job for life! Anyone can drug his consciousness with pretentions and inflate his ego with images of greatness. These are just delusions. In fact it is all relative and subjective, all a cultural and virtual invention...

    Fortunetely I have observed how going after money doesn't bring much but a false happiness... Anyway, thats a different topic though. Concluding: human and social sciences/knowledges are related to altruism and comprehension, theres very little gain for an individual there. You must desire to serve some higher and benigne purpose if you are to study these sciences. That is my opinion.

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