Mairaj Pirada

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If you had control over Pakistan, what would you do to improve it?

Suppose you're given the control all over Pakistan, the country which has not been doing so well in the last few decades (probably), what are the practical steps that you'd take to improve the situation? There are several issues that this country faces like; Taliban, education, terrorism, load shedding and a lot.

  • Jun 24 2013: Education is the obvious answer.

    I would insist that every school teach about the west, especially the history and politics of the west.

    Similarly, western schools should teach more about the culture and history of the east and mid-east.

    The level of misunderstanding between our cultures is unacceptable.
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    Jun 24 2013: Have one school in every neighborhood and get the kids to get decent education. Full budgetary investment in building universities, research and development studies and putting everything else to lower priorities.
    I'd do that for India too.