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Can we design an affordable 3D printed self sufficient housing option?

I would like to propose that we bring together experts from around the world to help design and construct from recycled plastic and other waste, a sustainable high tech home downloaded from the Internet.

If we combine emerging technologies we could have high tech home's made cheaply, which could; house, feed, and sustain everyone on the planet, while freeing everyone from unnecessary labour and clearing up the mess we have created across the globe.

Combining technologies in to the design such as:

Aquaponics - green house and fish on your roof providing all food required. http://youtu.be/VBspR2p0YYM

Free energy tech - solar panels, windmill etc.

3D printing - gather waste plastic from the seas and landfills to create a home and all contents required downloaded from the Internet.

Wireless power - enable objects to power themselves on request and create a magnetic field in order to be levitated.

Micro computing - to enable the house to know where each object is in space and levitate to exact location.

Electro magnetism - wrap copper coils around desired objects and house to enable levitation of desired objects to specific location. http://www.leejinha.com/zeron

Waste management - extract and recycle water from human waste and use the solid remains as a heat fuel source. http://youtu.be/yW6-1SlvtN4

Recycle water supply - use lifesaver filter technology. http://youtu.be/rXepkIWPhFQ

Collect rain water and use solar heating technology. http://youtu.be/1B-RuZgSqf8 & http://youtu.be/uVCNrXp7S8Y

If we could design the "cell" (which would be completely self sufficient) to enable connection to other cells with ease we could design bigger community spaces as, where, and when required.

We could design the cells to have wheels, sail in the sea, fly, or even magnetically levitate and go in to space!

Imagine having everything you need and work for right now, created with ease for the rest of your life.

Can this happen? Or Am I just crazy?


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        Jun 23 2013: Many thanks, I'm no expert or anything however I'm kind of imagining a much larger 3D printer creating a single container, rather than individual bricks.

        While playing with magnets the other day and checking out the Zero N project where a magnet is being levitated by basically turning the electro magnet on and off really fast, and directing the magnet by computer. I thought it would be cool if we could make objects in the home levitate, but there are obvious safety concerns with magnetising the home. However if all the possessions in your home are 3D moulded plastic, (or other non-magnetic material) as well as the house you could wrap each object and the house itself in copper wire. Combine this with wireless power emerging tech you could select an object and put an electric current through the object and the house in order to levitate objects wherever you like. Something like this http://www.leejinha.com/zeron cold be awesome, and help for the elderly and disabled etc.

        With emerging technologies in all these fields maybe its something that is possible in a decade or two. But it's possible.

        I'm pulling the ideas of emerging tech together and asking this question in order to inspire someone greater than myself to potentially pull it off. Or if someone wants to fund the idea, I'll bring a team together and make it happen! :-)

        Many thanks for the links, and your response, I appreciate it. :-)

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