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Indian democracy: success or failure? Failure in concept or in application? Alternatives?

poor people in my country have no voice, no rights........our democratic country is run by few powerful and corrupt elected politicians......a worst joke is being played here in the name of democracy.
It is not the failure of democracy as a philosophy but its application.

In today's world there appears to be no better system than democracy . But we need a system which canot be exploited by a few .powerful and corrupt people. A system which has inbuilt strength and character which can withstand manipulation by few.


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  • Jul 21 2013: I think its both the failure in concept and the application. In my opinion just like setting up a happy household requires maturity and selfless dedication to each other a true democracy requires maturity in thinking of inclusion and support for growth from all quarters of the society. A higher transparency of basic administration, value for entrepreneurship and putting checks and balances for power would be a good way to move forward. I think we all understand these things but are unable to implement them in the society. Starting small from the grass-roots and moving beyond could help. This will require a lot of individual strength with support from society and the community. Just theory, but someone has to start somewhere and keep correcting the approach to reach the goal :)

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