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Indian democracy: success or failure? Failure in concept or in application? Alternatives?

poor people in my country have no voice, no rights........our democratic country is run by few powerful and corrupt elected politicians......a worst joke is being played here in the name of democracy.
It is not the failure of democracy as a philosophy but its application.

In today's world there appears to be no better system than democracy . But we need a system which canot be exploited by a few .powerful and corrupt people. A system which has inbuilt strength and character which can withstand manipulation by few.


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      Jun 28 2013: LaMar Hi

      Its not that simple out here.

      We protest, some times media takes up our cause but things do not change pretty much here.

      Protesters are hounded ,punished and victimised..
      Whistle blowers are killed.
      Police and judiciary can be bought..
      People vote for their caste and creed,
      Media is for making money, onlyTRP matters
      Politicians can buy their votes by money and favours

      ...majority remains sllent.

      How do you think spirirt of Democracy will survive here? Who will safe guard it.?
      Individuals have voting rights after that their voices fall on deaf ears.
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          Jun 28 2013: Need no less than revolution.

          Lead no less than Gandhi
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          Jun 29 2013: What prevents us from standing against the oppressor ....FEAR. I am trying to overcome it before i can take a plunge..

          Fear to loose...

          When one is fearless, oppressor has no purcahse on you, you are their toughest opponent.

          They have the power to destroy you , you have the power to show them and the world and make them understand that they are wrong and unjust.
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          Jun 29 2013: People are paying with their lives but may be there are not enough angry and brave people

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