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Indian democracy: success or failure? Failure in concept or in application? Alternatives?

poor people in my country have no voice, no rights........our democratic country is run by few powerful and corrupt elected politicians......a worst joke is being played here in the name of democracy.
It is not the failure of democracy as a philosophy but its application.

In today's world there appears to be no better system than democracy . But we need a system which canot be exploited by a few .powerful and corrupt people. A system which has inbuilt strength and character which can withstand manipulation by few.


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    Jun 23 2013: I shall thank Aadesh for asking a very good question. Good and timely.
    I think the idea of true democracy is realized within an educated/informed society. From that standpoint India's emergence with a democratic dream was magnificent; even current statistics of literacy in India does not look conducive for any effective democracy to function. The forefathers of Indian nation dreamed big. Neither Aadesh nor Pabitra are true face of Indian society which is still two thirds rural.
    Next, by democracy's own definition it should progress towards lesser of intervening governance. The government of a perfect democracy almost does nothing. But in India we still demand 'strong' governments, which is a sad admission of our lacking self governing abilities. I think Aadesh will agree that in India people love to place entire responsibility on the government, including that of corruption without appreciating that this corruption comes from within.
    I'd agree with George that given the initial conditions, the huge population, a pluralist and multi -lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-religious Nation India did reasonably well to keep the country united and prosper, albeit slowly holding on to democratic principles.
    It is certainly not a failure. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us living within India to appreciate the true value of our argumentative, dis-organized and chaotic ways - but I see a remarkable ingenuity in that. :) Perhaps Indian way of democracy is an alternative in itself. I mean start imagining an electoral process of 500 million voters!
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      Jun 27 2013: I agree with you Pabitra , its not total failure but the system need to safe guard it self from manipulation, change is needed.

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