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The day that we solve all our problems, is the same day we give up our boarders and unite as one species trying to save the planet.

All my life I have seen the world through my own eyes. This is only because it's nearly impossible to see through someone else's. All I have is my own thoughts and feelings. Somehow, I've managed to see beyond myself. Eventually, I recognized that when a child pushes another child off of a slide, it's the same as when a man draws a line that is not to be crossed.
Our world is divided and from each corner of this divided world, there are people who save lives and people who destroy lives. Every turn on this planet there are people who solve problems and people who cause problems. There is an answer for every problem, every disaster and every question that we have. The real problem is those answers are scattered far from those questions. If we united as a planet, gave up money and gave up division, people would help people. As earthlings we would help each other, as a species we would survive. As the dominent animal we will save our planet and live in harmony. However, this day will only come, when the lines of separation come crashing down.


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  • May 4 2011: True, and culture is a unifying condition. I have faith that people who distance themselves from the accumulative individually centred model will be the changemankers of tommorrow. We are a global family and our percieved and mediatrically encouraged notions of seperation from nature are slowly giving way to the weight of that increasingly shared belief. Keep working, on your self , do not forget about your local community, and the world will come. I wish we share in some good luck in this respect, it would appear that we need it.

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