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The day that we solve all our problems, is the same day we give up our boarders and unite as one species trying to save the planet.

All my life I have seen the world through my own eyes. This is only because it's nearly impossible to see through someone else's. All I have is my own thoughts and feelings. Somehow, I've managed to see beyond myself. Eventually, I recognized that when a child pushes another child off of a slide, it's the same as when a man draws a line that is not to be crossed.
Our world is divided and from each corner of this divided world, there are people who save lives and people who destroy lives. Every turn on this planet there are people who solve problems and people who cause problems. There is an answer for every problem, every disaster and every question that we have. The real problem is those answers are scattered far from those questions. If we united as a planet, gave up money and gave up division, people would help people. As earthlings we would help each other, as a species we would survive. As the dominent animal we will save our planet and live in harmony. However, this day will only come, when the lines of separation come crashing down.

  • May 4 2011: True, and culture is a unifying condition. I have faith that people who distance themselves from the accumulative individually centred model will be the changemankers of tommorrow. We are a global family and our percieved and mediatrically encouraged notions of seperation from nature are slowly giving way to the weight of that increasingly shared belief. Keep working, on your self , do not forget about your local community, and the world will come. I wish we share in some good luck in this respect, it would appear that we need it.
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    Apr 10 2011: Borders, race, religion, rich or poor, gay or straight these are all things that have separated human kind for ever and it appears that we are not about to bridge any of these gaps anytime soon.
    Some division amongst people and geographic locations are desirable, don't you think? Think of the diversity of our planet among human kind and especially within the animal realm. I wouldn't want to trade any of that for a planet where everyone coalesced around one idea or way of living. And whose way would it be, the way of the west and it's technology and democratic ideals or perhaps a more pre-modern, idealistic society where we share equally the earths bounty.
    No, the price for modernity and diversity is disharmony and as you state problems, but problems offer solutions and it is within the search for solutions that man soars into the future. Within each challenge lies opportunity and progress.
    We can only unite around acceptance of the same core beliefs and even there, especially in the West these shared beliefs which have propelled their societies into stratospheric heights, have now been rejected, to I believe it's own demise.
    So problems and issues, good and bad, these are not sufficient reason to long for utopia here on earth. Science has long held that the earth and perhaps our entire solar system will eventually self destruct, but in the meanwhile we may continue to solve the problems that we can and leave Creation to the Almighty.
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    Apr 10 2011: Those are laudable but really big goals, Thomas. So why not start with something a little more concrete (but still big) like tackling the climate change problem by building a world-wide movement of young people? The problem is global and effects everyone. But older people are't going to do anything (see my own idea below). Young people need to use social networking tools to have world-wide protests in every nation on the planet. Use the Egyptian revolution as a model. Ignore national boundaries; those lines are meaningless when it comes to climate. Every young person in the world should demand action by Congress to curb carbon use by the US. People all around the would should bombard Congress with their demands. They should come to Washington DC from everywhere by the millions to demand an end to the inaction that is hurting them! They have a right to get involved in US policy that is detrimental to everyone.

    Pick an unifying issue then build international collaboration.
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      Apr 9 2011: Ironically, nature cures nearly anything. Even things like cancer, asthma, and so on. The reason we are suffering so much is because of how far we are going from our planet and how foolishly we are using up all our resources to make money when we have perfect alternatives.
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      Apr 9 2011: is there any limit of infants? who needs to live forever? not me. if living borderless means living in trees and taking ten years off my life then count me in!