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Have a good term for good people exposing bad people doing bad things. SOUNDER

We have many terms for people telling on other people; narc, snitch, tattletale, whistleblower. But if we are going to change our world and make it a great place to live we need to change our culture by changing our terminology. A good person exposing bad people doing bad things, whether that is lying, cheating, stealing, hurting others, bullying then we need a new term. I have proposed the term in the Urban Dictionary - SOUNDER. A sounder is a good person who exposes bad people doing bad things. And when they stand up for what is right and good and are doing the right thing they should be rewarded and recognized as good people. SOUNDERS are people who are Changing The World For ... GOOD!


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    Jun 23 2013: Hi Colleen! I do like your message! Unfortunately I do think there are bad people who do bad things because it enhances their life in some way. But... I would love to work out a new method/motto/description that would be less push-away style. Thanks for you input!
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      Jun 23 2013: Steve,
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      I agree that behaviors serve us in some way. One of the programs I co-facilitated with incarcerated offenders was "cognitive self change". I believe many behaviors are learned, so sometimes, with new information, some people can change their behavior, thereby moving out of the "bad guy" label, into the "good guy" label/behavior.
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        Jun 23 2013: Sweet tip!! Thank you Colleen! I 100% agree that we are ALL capable of change. Those who want and are looking for a change can accept it. It is what my programs are always about. Mental Prosperity is all about changing you by changing your mind, thoughts, actions and it is all inside of us already. We just haven't tapped into it yet. I am 100% changed from the boy I was at 28 and probably from the man I was at 50. Thanks for your help and input.

        Is there such a thing as 'follow' what you post or share?
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          Jun 23 2013: You're welcome...Good job! Now you will notice that this comment does not have a reply? You can scroll up to the next "reply" opportunity. Sometimes, it may not be the person you are replying to, but it seems to work most of the time.:>)

          True...we have to be wanting and seeking change in our self, or it will not happen. We cannot change someone else. Yes! Change our thinking, we may change our feelings, which may change our life experiences:>)

          I don't understand what you mean by your last question...follow what you post or share?

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