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What are we ready to do to eradicate poverty?

Does our comfortable life depend on other people's poverty? A worker in Bangladesh is paid 18 cents per hour so we can have the clothes we need. Of course, retailers' profit margins can be up to 500% or more. Decide to pay more and/or companies to reduce their profits, would definitely help a lot with eradicating poverty, but are we willing to do it?

This is just an examples, of course, A more general question would be: are we ready to make sacrifices to eradicate poverty? If yes, what kind of sacrifices would you make (or maybe you made already)?


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    Jun 24 2013: Jesus says, "you will always have the poor among you."
    It may be hard or even impossible to eradicate poverty because capitalism is all about more money for a few people. But we can reduce poverty by showing concern and empathising with the poor.We should then put our money where our mouth is, and give generously to charities,orphanages and corporate social resposibility projects.
    Multinationals should adopt Bill Gates' Creative capitalism paradigm.
    Even if we do not win, we will be sure we've tried our best.

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