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Greatness lies in converting our disadvantage to advantage. Tell your story.

Have you or any body you know ever done so? Your story will inspire us all.

I was immobilised , read books and increased my knowledge, helped my daughter to tide over her tough time and emerge as a winner.
It gave me insight and hope that nothing can bog me down for long.

My friend had a serious break up , she directed all her energies to prepare for a tough entrance test and succeeded.

Cancer victims becoming cancer counsellars.

Big population becoming a big market.

Hellen Keller herself deaf and dumb , gave life and vision to so many.

Any such story of greatness from people at a disadvantage?

What's your story?


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  • Jul 19 2013: First off- Helen Keller was NOT deaf and dumb. That is an old, outdated term used to bring down the Deaf.
    Sorry. I saw that and jumped on it.
    I am deaf.
    I am not dumb.
    I can talk.
    My English may be crappy, but I'm working on it.

    My story is like a hearing persons, kinda.
    I grew up Hard of Hearing (not hearing impaired. I am and was NOT impaired.) I had hearing aids. Got Deaf as time passed. Hearing people pitied me, hated me, or avoided me as if I had a contagious disease. A few were nice. And I am with the Deaf now. We are like the hearing but we are a minority. Anyways, there's a short story of my life.
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        Jul 20 2013: Wow Kate.....I did not know that!!

        How incredible an experience is that? You grew up having two cultures.

        I took an ASL class, I really love signing, a few years back.
        I have friends who are deaf, and I love to talk to them.
        One wears a hearing aid....but relies on reading lips a lot.
        Another one grew up in Cuba, no one ever taught her to sign.
        We have our own unique way of communicating.....She is in her 40's.
        We have the best conversations!!
        The third one is completely deaf, and is married to a hearing person.
        He taught his wife to sign. He is always teaching me different signs.
        He's awesome!!

        You can sign? Australian sign language?
        How cool is that?
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        Jul 21 2013: Oh, yes, the alphabet....well, that really is very tiring isn't it?
        To have to spell each and every word.......signing whole thoughts and words is so much faster.
        It's a good thing there are Sign Languages in so many countries.

        I learned it by heart when I was in college.

        When I taught first grade, and I taught my class the abc song, I used to simultaneously sign the letters. A lot of the kids learned the letters this way.

        I always highlighted Helen Keller's life during March......Women's History Month....and then we would watch Disney's The Miracle Worker.

        Those scrabble games must have been something else Kate.....

        I find it incredible, how when a human loses one of his senses, the others get sharper.

        And speaking of memory, have you ever seen the interviews of people who do not forget?
        You can give them a date, and they will tell you everything that went on that day in their life.

        Look at the abc interview:

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      Jul 20 2013: Michael, as someone very familiar with Helen Keller's life, I can see why you took umbrage at the remark in the OP.

      Welcome to TED.
      I am glad you are here!!!
      Thanks for sharing your life experience.

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      Jul 20 2013: Michael Hi

      Bring down the deaf? That is not my intention. I help deaf.

      I am an ENT surgeon , since 1987 with the blessings of Almighty atleast one person per day improves his or her hearing in my practice.

      With hearing improvement , rehablitation and therapy most improve their speech.

      Hearing improvement is achieved by

      Myringoplasty (Ear drum repair and transplants)
      Myringotomy (Drainage of fluid accumulated in middle ear specially in Children)
      Ossiculoplasties (Ossicular implants)
      Cochlear implants
      2 Medical management
      3. Hearing aid and speech rehab

      I am earning but believe me when my patients start hearing i am most satisfied. And that is my real earning.
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      Jul 21 2013: Thanks for sharing your story Michael! Your English seems fine, and I hope you continue participating on TED.....Welcome:>)

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