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Consultant ENT Surgeon, Indian Medical Association


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Greatness lies in converting our disadvantage to advantage. Tell your story.

Have you or any body you know ever done so? Your story will inspire us all.

I was immobilised , read books and increased my knowledge, helped my daughter to tide over her tough time and emerge as a winner.
It gave me insight and hope that nothing can bog me down for long.

My friend had a serious break up , she directed all her energies to prepare for a tough entrance test and succeeded.

Cancer victims becoming cancer counsellars.

Big population becoming a big market.

Hellen Keller herself deaf and dumb , gave life and vision to so many.

Any such story of greatness from people at a disadvantage?

What's your story?


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    Jun 27 2013: Greatness lies in over coming our short comings.

    And making them our USP

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