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Given the overwhelming significance of the Sun and water on Earth, why aren't they at the forefront of our technological evolution ?

Considering the overwhelming significant of our sun and water to our existence on earth, why aren't they the center of our scientific efforts?

How much do we spend on defense, computers, oil, relative to harnessing the sun and water as resources?

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    Tao P

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    Mar 17 2011: Governments and corporations are afraid of solar and wind power. Imagine when every community, or even every house, can provide all their own energy needs on their own. That coupled with electric cars (at least as efficient as the ones GM made around 2001) and you are getting close to independent communities. Energy, not money (though very similar) rules the World. When the people have the power then we will begin to see true democracy.
  • Mar 4 2011: Konrad, well said.
    Gains from even moderate improvements in technological inovations that effectively harness water and solar resources could prove to be huge if they were able to be applied to the huge amount of these resources that we have.
    According to Ray Kurtzweil, the human race is doubling the energy harnessing ability of solar technology about every 2 years. He predicts that within about 14 years solar technology will be advanced enough to provide all the earth's energy needs. Perhaps the rate of solar power technlogy doubling could be increased through an internation cooperative research project? I'de vote for a cooperative project like that.
    Other thoughts on how to increase the rate of technological progress of solar power?