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If you could be me could you still judge me?

Well? If you could actually be someone and feel their subjective reality as your own through good or despicable choices and then return to yourself could you then deny empathy and maintain any judgement? Are we only separated by our separations or one and the same in all of our macro collective complex shame?

I am resubmitting this one as I did not realize I has closed it so soon last time thanks!


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    Jun 23 2013: If not the best, better judgement comes when one can put her/himself into other person's shoe.
    • Jun 23 2013: Who is to say we are not in everyone's shoes at the same time? Couldn't our perceptions of events simply be a function of a system. Is the complexity of behaviour reflective of all natural micro and macro systems? If so, then how is that function a driver of evolution?
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        Jun 24 2013: If we all are judging others putting ourselves taking others perspective into consideration , there shouldn't be so much misunderstanding, miscommunication or even fight around us. Is not it?
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      Jun 24 2013: On the other hand, am I not in the worst place to judge myself?
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        Jun 24 2013: Can be. Did I say that one is the best judge of his/her own-self ?

        However One need not to be judgemental about own self but definitely need to be self aware that's why many years back Socretes advised to " know thyself"
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        Jun 24 2013: Douglas,
        Whether we are in the worst place, or the best place may depend on how observant and honest we are with our self? Can we observe and evaluate our self objectively? Subjectively?

        I agree Salim, that we need not be judgmental about our own self if we are constantly evaluating with awareness for the purpose of learning. When we "know thyself", generally we can evaluate, change and adjust without judgment. Knowing our self tends to provide more confidence and acceptance of ourselves and others.

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