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If you could be me could you still judge me?

Well? If you could actually be someone and feel their subjective reality as your own through good or despicable choices and then return to yourself could you then deny empathy and maintain any judgement? Are we only separated by our separations or one and the same in all of our macro collective complex shame?

I am resubmitting this one as I did not realize I has closed it so soon last time thanks!


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    Jun 22 2013: Yes, as long as I do not loose my own experience to compare you with and 'return' to my former self exclusively afterwards and this by using your own mechanism of reflection, self-criticism and your superego. And you could do the same with me in return.

    As a matter of fact I could not deny empathy, as one could not get any closer than that 'emotionally', but I see no obvious reason why one should not be able for judgment, even though 'maintaining' the once 'before' may proof difficult by the level of 'insight' and 'detail' accessible afterwards.

    The old saying to walk 'Two Moons in Someone Else's Moccasins' is related to your idea, even though its intention or 'moral' is somewhat different, if you will, but heads in the same direction.

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