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Why Should We Save the Whales?

We constantly fight and argue that panda bears are not having sex, and their species are going extinct. First of all, I'd like to ask TED: Why is it our business if they're not having sex? Why should we cage them into zoos and bagger them into intercourse?

I am currently taking anti-depressants, and my sexual appetite has come to a screeching and devastating halt. Are you going to cage me in a zoo and tell me that I'm going to kill my species if I don't have intercourse?

If we were a small tribe of early humans traveling through prehistoric lands, would we worry if Saber Toothed tigers weren't eating enough, or eating too much human waste?

I would like to argue that the earth obviously has a natural order in which animals exist and go extinct. Since the dawn of the first single-celled organism, some 90% of all the creatures on the planet are now extinct. If Panda Bears were finally extinct, without any human intervention, would it make that drastic of an impact on the sanctuary of this Earth?

If humans finally became extinct, how would that change the Earth? Would the earth live longer, and prosper?

Would any other species come to save us, if we were on the verge of extinction?

Just a thought of the top of my head.

Topics: animal rights

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  • Jun 27 2013: I have similar thoughts when I saw many campaigns urging us to save endangered animals.
    May be we should follow the principle of "Nature selects, the fittest survives". Some animals like panda they cannot adapt to the changes of the environment so they are going to extinct. When we interrupt the process, sometimes I think that we act like GOD- decide which species to survive, which species to extinct. It may bring unpredictable consequences to future generation (May be good or may be bad). I do not think it is a must to save all the species facing extinction.
    According to Taoism, "govern by doing nothing that is against nature " is the best way to live and rule. But I know people would not dare to do nothing. We feel guilty about destroying the nature, we want to show our care and love to other species and of course we worry about our future. Plus,People prefer more than less in everything, including species.
    In short, I think saving endangered animals is for human beings, not for the nature itself.
    (Thank you for your question, it reminds me to think about this topic more seriously. )

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