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Why Should We Save the Whales?

We constantly fight and argue that panda bears are not having sex, and their species are going extinct. First of all, I'd like to ask TED: Why is it our business if they're not having sex? Why should we cage them into zoos and bagger them into intercourse?

I am currently taking anti-depressants, and my sexual appetite has come to a screeching and devastating halt. Are you going to cage me in a zoo and tell me that I'm going to kill my species if I don't have intercourse?

If we were a small tribe of early humans traveling through prehistoric lands, would we worry if Saber Toothed tigers weren't eating enough, or eating too much human waste?

I would like to argue that the earth obviously has a natural order in which animals exist and go extinct. Since the dawn of the first single-celled organism, some 90% of all the creatures on the planet are now extinct. If Panda Bears were finally extinct, without any human intervention, would it make that drastic of an impact on the sanctuary of this Earth?

If humans finally became extinct, how would that change the Earth? Would the earth live longer, and prosper?

Would any other species come to save us, if we were on the verge of extinction?

Just a thought of the top of my head.

Topics: animal rights

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    Jun 23 2013: If we don't then there won't be anything to look at on whale watching trips.

    I submit that humans are part of evolution as well, we do not have to exercise the prime directive as we are organic to this planet.
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        Jun 23 2013: "Humans are part of evolution and as such we are also part of a finely balanced system. Destroy enough parts of that system and the system fails and humans go extinct."

        That is part of evolution as well
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        Jun 23 2013: Sure it is when a parasite kills the host the parasite dies off. As with the Rats on Easter Island
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        Jun 23 2013: Have a nice day
        • Jun 23 2013: I think that survival is a series of self destructive qualities, really. Throughout the years of life on earth, genetic codes (and full-blown organisms) have been created and destroyed to determine the strongest qualities an animal may use to survive and reproduce.

          As a result, sometimes entire species went entirely extinct because their genome was unable to adapt sufficiently. The animals that are extinct today, at one point adapted new instinctual or physical qualities in an attempt to endure their environment eventually encountered an issue too catastrophic that would ultimately destroy that species. Humans, however, were too clever because when we stopped adapting genetically, we began adapting cognitively, and now we're back on the verge of a strong genetic and physical evolution with the discovery of new technology.

          I mean, along with disease, habitat displacement, long term environmental trends, competition - genetic adaptation is the building block to combat those elements that might one day determine whether or not an animal will go extinct - DUH. Humans have obviously bypassed this form of natural selection and created their own version of artificial selection. In doing so, we artificially select which animals do and do not survive.

          Does this artificial selection really benefit US, since we are artificially attempting to prolong the existence of certain animals and creatures? We can create a zoological environment, pass preservation laws, and try to treat other animals as "humanely" as possible. But, does that really solve our problem as humans?

          What I personally see, is that by saving the whales we are just finding an excuse to harvest the resources of an endangered animals natural habitat. If you want to colonize or a plot of land, you have to destroy or displace the indigenous population of whatever creatures live there.

          If 90% of all the species on earth are extinct today, Noah didn't do a very a good job, did he?

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