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Who deserves to be under surveillance the people or the government?

We're hearing all this stuff about PRISM and NSA about surveillance, and cameras on our roads, there was a report of New Jersey looking to implement drone surveillance on the turnpike even in 2015.
My opinion on this is that we, the people don't need surveillance as time has shown that we are not the corrupt ones. Every attack or massacre that has occurred has had governmental finger prints all over it, and a right or two gets diminished immediately after.
So who deserves to be watched 24 hours out of the day? Our police force, military, and government? Or the potential casualties in the next attack.
Who would watch channel(s) devoted to unedited reality tv on various governments and military forces around the world? I would :)

  • Jun 26 2013: Well the sad truth is there are many good reasons why government doesn't allow the masses to view and observe what it does because then it would become a truer democracy. That's bad only because the people are corruptible and the majority of people are irrational and can and will bring their own destruction with enough freedom if given. Government is to be the guiding hand that keeps the masses from destroying themselves and their country as many people do not want to do what must be done and a government that doesn't have to answer for those tough decisions is the one the people need whether they like it or not.
    • Jun 26 2013: I agree we do need a government that will make decisions and laws, and sometimes you can't ask the people for input because well, some people are dumb. Let's be honest, we have some wack-os out there, and they all want input.
      However, we do not need or want wack-os running our offices, and we do deserve some freedoms that will keep us at least sane or more at peace than what we currently are. We need a government that will guide not dominate. The government we have now are experimenting on us with vaccinations, medications, artificial or GM foods, chemicals in our water and air, and just testing our psych with threats of war and inflation and prices on goods and services.
      We need a government that isnt going to put us in certain circumstances, that is going to make our lifestyle monetary free, which will end alot of corruption and murder we have going on.
      • Jun 26 2013: I agree that's exactly what i was saying. Only thing i don't agree on is the "bad" artificial foods with all their scary nasty chemicals. And the best response i have to people that say that is do you drink coffee? because it has 800 chemicals 12 of which are known to cause cancer ;)
        • Jun 26 2013: I have to ask, are you aware of Genetically Modified foods and the dangers they cause? Are you aware of the Monsanto Protection Act that was passed allowing Monsanto to continue to create GM foods without court interference? In other words, Monsanto is above law, and the senate wants nothing to do with forcing them to label GM foods. This stuff is being served in all fast food restaurants, markets, and even schools without our knowledge or consent, and this is without speaking on radiated foods and processed foods.
          That's scary to me. And no, I dont drink coffee lol
      • Jun 26 2013: Ok, so if any food was really irradiated everyone would know GM goes through the same checks and quality control as all the others. If it really was killing us we would have known a long time ago GM food has been around for awhile. Now the alternatives to these chemicals and fertilizers and insecticides is to grow it all natural. Which is actually more dangerous as it lets any microbes bugs and diseases to take over the food which in all cases are worse than the effects of the GM food which as far as i know are nothing. And it's the whole eco friendly thing that the natural world is better than the one we have made which isn't true we have made the natural world better with our technology.
        • Jun 26 2013: Cant agree with that, only because the government and big businesses control the media, they tell us what they want us to know. There have been multiple studies, protests, and marches all over the world against GM goods, and none of it has been televised, on the radio, or in the media at all whatsoever.
          Our technology may help to the natural world, but in my opinion, there are things we just should not meddle with. We have been told all these various things create tumors, sarcoma, cancers etc. and now there's info being leaked that most things we thought caused cancer really doesn't, and its actually our food making us sick. But you'll never see that on tv, so don't expect it. And I hope you aren't trusting the USDA and FDA to tell you the truth about what you're eating, they are very easily paid off, and these are the same corps that raised the toxicity levels of aquatic foods because of fukushima, they'll tell you a purple glowing fish is healthy if itll make them money. Other countries have banned GMs, Fast food restaurants, and other food substances our country allow, and they refrain from trading food with us because of GMOs. That says alot.
          We are coming to the point where everyone is waking up about what we consume on a daily basis including our water, air, and pharmaceuticals the FDA and USDA is currently in the hot seat. We coming out in the open on how pharmaceuticals and processed foods do more harm than help, and its actually natural meds and food that have significant results.
      • Jun 26 2013: so if none of it went into media then how do you know of it? haha and many things do and don't cause cancer but it has never been shown anywhere that it's killing us. You really think media would turn down the ability to make millions of dollars by spreading even rumors of food that kills you? no not a chance and there isn't a man behind the curtain in all of media there are many of them and most of them don't like each other so if there really was any truth behind food killing us it would be everywhere. And if the usda and fda were paid off for one that would be an unbelievable amount of money to pay everyone off then also what keeps non GM food from doing the same? i've heard from a couple articles online (which of course you cannot trust being media an all) but they said that since non GM foods are so unregulated they use even worse chemicals and fertilizers that are not regulated by the FDA and could be very toxic as they are untested.

        And wait what? "and these are the same corps that raised the toxicity levels of aquatic foods because of fukushima" so you're suggesting they are making food more toxic on purpose just to be mean? the world doesn't work like that. As for pharmaceuticals though i completely agree there are alot of medications that could be over taken by cheaper easier healthier natural medications (which are still chemicals)
      • Jun 26 2013: so i just went over those links and a few more i looked up myself. none of these except that thing talking about soy said anything was bad about GMO's nothing anywhere even the most hard core anti GMO sites say that the effect are largely unknown. It's just a scare tactic so then people by organic stuff. You know almost everything you eat has been genetically altered anything to do with corn in any way (which is a huge amount of foods) has been Genetically altered japan stopped purchasing when there was that GMO spread because they didn't know what it was. There is literally no solid proof genetically altered foods are bad as we have been eating them for ever. And i'm sorry but species can and do cross breed and it's meant to be because it happens in nature and thorough our entire evolutionary trail. There's nothing wrong with it just look at a mule?
      • Jun 26 2013: oh an i know about the meds no argument there that stuff is bad if you take to much
      • Jun 26 2013: ohhhh your one of those people well there's no convincing you you're already sucked into the lies but nice conversation :)
      • Jun 26 2013: oh an i just thought i would tell you if there really was a man behind the curtain whole conspiracy thing like that i would be one of them. My family is very wealthy and has extreem influence among polotics i have met and had dinner with the worlds most powerful men and i have to tell you there's not a single chance of "us" ever working together for whatever evil plans you think we're doing.
        • Jul 5 2013: You try and joke but people like you are truly part of the problem.
    • Jul 5 2013: Governments and laws should pretect people from other people, but if these laws are designed to protect people from themselves they are taking away their rights.
      • Jul 5 2013: ok i cannot reply to that comment there but what's the problem and how do rich people cause this problem? The rich put food on your table and clothes on your back if you are not a rich person then you work for them it has always been like that and there's nothing wrong with it. If your one of those people who support communism then you are truly blind.

        And yes governments should protect people from people but it's a very very gray area between freedom and safety freedom brings damage from the small percent of "bad" people and safety bring corruption on a complete and full percentage of everyone wothin and out of the system.
        • Jul 6 2013: The greatest problem is the inequality between rich and poor and the influence the rich have on politics. The rich do not give away food, they take advantage of peoples need for food and profit from it.
          The capitalist system turns the rich and powerful into vultures. I long for revolution, french style.
        • Jul 6 2013: By the way, the rich do not put food on my table or clothes on my back, i do.
      • Jul 6 2013: but it has always been that way it isn't bad? the rich always have influence on politics just like the masses do as well. Also you are completely wrong the rich give away money (which buys food) in greater amounts than you will earn in your entire life. No the rich don't take advantage of people need of food only the people with food companies do that and i cannot see any way that they are taking advantage of you?? And unless you made the clothes on your back and you are a farmer that doesn't sell his crops then the rich did put the clothes on your back and did put the food on your table. You just worked for them so they would. But also the french revolted then adopted the system or atleast the basic prinicples from us. What are you implying by that? are you saying we should have a bloody revolution and kill millions great idea i'll get on our jet and go to italy haha
      • Jul 6 2013: Also, i wonder why is it you do not like the wealthy? are you simply jealous they have more than you? or are you jealous that your word is nothing and cannot influence the world as you would like it?
        And don't begin to say some BS about the man behind the curtain...
      • Jul 6 2013: oh or is it that you don't think the rich deserver their money? that you deserve it more than they or that they should live like you and give all their money away?
  • Jun 26 2013: To a small extent, the people. The bad ones among us have made this necessary.

    To a much greater extent, the government. The bad ones among the government have made this obvious.
  • Jun 25 2013: the sociopaths and psychopaths in office
  • Jun 26 2013: lol, and how do you defend the killing of the bees and the creation of superbugs? Or the fact that GM foods require more pesticides because of the super bugs? Or how food is being genetically altered with pesticides in it?

    Why give us food that has no long term tests? Whats the big deal about labelling and letting the consumer make the conscious decision of whether they want to purchase it or not? Why was the Monsanto Protection Act necessary if the food is safe? Why buy off a bunch of politicians if the food is safe? Are they eating GM foods? I doubt they give it to their dogs...
    I cant recall there being a policy that says distribute the goods before they are tested and regulated.
    And I dont know about you, but I've never seen a fruit or vegetable conceive with a fish, yet there's fish genetics in fruits and veggies...
    Yea, I guess I am one of those people... :)
  • Jun 24 2013: Okay, so in your imagination, how would the surveillance go? Like, my idea was similar to having a few channels dedicated to showing what the government is doing.
    Something like a Ustream citizens would be able to log into and watch, I don't think a typed and posted itinerary online is enough.
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    Jun 24 2013: The Government must be under surveillance because they are the person who is governing the country and the country mostly depend on how they run or use their power if they will be under surveillance then they will work properly and if they work properly then the person under them will work good
  • Jun 24 2013: The Government of course.

    Surely you all remember the "behind closed doors" types of government decisions.
    And the begging that is required to get some conceited judge to allow cameras in his courtroom.

    We have the - - - government in the entire world, based upon the numbers of innocent and guilty
    human lives snuffed out in the name of Democracy. Killed and Maimed, Men, Women, and Wee
    Children, with thought given only to how quickly they can be killed.
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    Jun 23 2013: The Latter