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Who deserves to be under surveillance the people or the government?

We're hearing all this stuff about PRISM and NSA about surveillance, and cameras on our roads, there was a report of New Jersey looking to implement drone surveillance on the turnpike even in 2015.
My opinion on this is that we, the people don't need surveillance as time has shown that we are not the corrupt ones. Every attack or massacre that has occurred has had governmental finger prints all over it, and a right or two gets diminished immediately after.
So who deserves to be watched 24 hours out of the day? Our police force, military, and government? Or the potential casualties in the next attack.
Who would watch channel(s) devoted to unedited reality tv on various governments and military forces around the world? I would :)

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  • Jun 24 2013: The Government of course.

    Surely you all remember the "behind closed doors" types of government decisions.
    And the begging that is required to get some conceited judge to allow cameras in his courtroom.

    We have the - - - government in the entire world, based upon the numbers of innocent and guilty
    human lives snuffed out in the name of Democracy. Killed and Maimed, Men, Women, and Wee
    Children, with thought given only to how quickly they can be killed.

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