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How to college students connect with the TED community to start a TEDx event?

A few of students here at Virginia Commonwealth University were incited by the energy of TEDxRVA and are struggling to bring the TED platform to campus. There is a lot of creativity and ideas on this diverse campus and city worth spreading. The Richmond event was largely separated from the students, so we are hoping to host another event. We are looking for someone to be our primary licensee. If anyone can give us feedback and point us in the right direction or to the right people, it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jun 26 2013: Yes, we have looked through everything. The current challenge is to attain the license. We're having no luck finding someone who has attended a TED event willing to be part of our team.
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    Jun 23 2013: Have you followed the link about for TEDxEvents and then organizer resources?