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Central Banks of the G8 countries should set up algorithms to spin off money to aid developing countries.

The rich countries can't afford states to fail. Therefore they have to do something.
Taxing financial transactions could provide funding. Algorithms could be programmed to do the rest. Where there is a will there is a way !
It would be win-win!


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  • Jun 22 2013: Chris, I refer to this statement a lot of the time.
    I think that It fits here. So here goes.

    Plutarch, in writing, "On Morals," two thousand years ago, described market
    bubbles in the near-ancient world and how the lending industry came to
    periodically bankrupt (bank corrupt) nearly everyone in order to create
    exorbitant wealth for themselves, simply as result of their own avarice and
    greed. He was writing on why no one should allow themselves to get into debt
    through borrowing, but to live threadbare if need be, and to sell what your
    have and live roughly, rather than see a money lender. People have always
    sought to live beyond their means. And sooner or later, many are found that
    they do not have sufficient funds to pay the piper.
    Today, Banking Cartels run the world as we know it. They do not have
    complete control just yet, but they are expanding as government's fail through
    wars and replacements. I refer you to their transfer agent 'Swift'.

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