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Central Banks of the G8 countries should set up algorithms to spin off money to aid developing countries.

The rich countries can't afford states to fail. Therefore they have to do something.
Taxing financial transactions could provide funding. Algorithms could be programmed to do the rest. Where there is a will there is a way !
It would be win-win!


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  • Jun 22 2013: Central banks of countries are not part of the governing body. They are private banks owned by obscenely rich people who do the financial work for a bureaucracy who collectively couldn't find their head if it was screwed on.
    I submit therefore that they are extremely unlikely to do anything that is not beneficial to them regardless of the harm that it causes.
    Of course they don't mind if states fail. Then everything is for sale at pennies to the dollar. Reorganize and start again, except now you are working for a different master.

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