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How did you evaluate your TEDx event?

As we try to improve the world with every TED- and TEDx-event we organize, we look to the people around us and see how development results in progress. I believe in TED as THE tool for people to get inspired and do something exceptional, but sometimes I get the feeling we (as TED enthusiasts) are looking too much to the people around us instead of our self. To make even bigger inspirational steps, we must make the tool we use perfect.

That is why I wish to evaluate the TEDx-events I am involved with. What did the people think? What expectations did they have? Did they come true? Do they want to be involved more? These and hundreds of other questions have been running through my mind lately.

But why re-invent the wheel? I wish to know if there is an evaluation form that can be used to question the visitors. Perhaps other events have developed such forms? Or perhaps someone wrote an entire essay on it! Please let me know if you have ever encountered something like this, so you can inspire me..


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  • Jun 22 2013: I can't really speak in the way of TED events. I can, however, talk about any TED talk or this user-forum.

    I came to TED, originally, because I had an idea to study while I was in engineering school. It can be read under my conversations if you'd like to know more about it.

    The only reason I came to TED wasn't necessarily to use the people as credible sources of information, but to use them as the beginning of finding those credible sources. To my happy surprise, a lot of people responded to my experiment with enthusiasm and a lot of tips and information. Since I began using TED forum to gather ideas and find new research material, I have been very inspired to constantly search for the "next best thought."

    I came here admitting that I know little to nothing. I put my opinions and thoughts on this website solely so they can be challenged or disproven by much more enlightened or educated minds.

    With that said, I don't think it's necessarily the TED events of any kind that make this conference so effective. It's simply the collaboration of great minds that have a single dream of improving life that makes this effective.

    In reality, I don't think that the ideas we share and build upon are even the most important aspect to the TED conference. I think that BECAUSE we share a common vision to improve the world, we are thus improving it little by little - one mind at a time.

    So, it's just like you said already: Use TED to find inspiration and references. You may have these unique tools that you can offer the world, but should you put yourself in a position seeking to constantly influence others with your unique tool, then you risk becoming arrogant and thus closing yourself off from BEING influenced BY others.

    In order to shape and form your own instrument, you must use the tool's other people have created to hone the instrument.

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