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What is going to be the future of operating system

what is going to be the future of operating system is this only windows mac or Linux and or android or something will come

  • Jun 25 2013: Based on some current trends, a future operating system may be a cloud-based subscription service with key components retained client-side while secondary systems will be streamed, loaded and removed as required. Such a system will require reliable and near-constant high-speed service basically stalling development and adoption until a critical consumer base can be established.

    See: Chromebook, Adobe Creative Cloud
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      Jul 11 2013: But what about those who don't have money to afford internet connection....
  • Jul 21 2013: Unfortunately Subhajeet for many people in the developing world, the first does not seem to either care or be concerned, that cloud technology is not a possibility, as there are small pockets of infrastructure here, nor realize the cost of bandwidth here. So while people may think Cloud, for many (security issues and 24x7 availability aside) it wont happen.

    Adobe in Africa is dead with this move to the cloud.

    But there is always a bright side, we are seeing an ever increasing use of Open Source, that's where i see the future, and it's a bright one.
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    Jun 23 2013: The short term, I guess will be an OS that is based on cloud computing principles. Such OS will be resource light, one would not require the application programs to be sitting in the hard disk, rather in a virtual hard drive in a remote server. Google Chrome is developing in that direction or XIOS, for example.
    In long term, when digital computers will be replaced by quantum computers, the idea of the OS will be radically different. The computing will be done in many devices, all synced together, the I/O devices will be any plane surface and infrared sensitive projectable keyboards. In such a computing environment, a single device based OS will be obsolete.
    I am very happy to see you here Subhajeet. If I am guessing correctly, I have a son of your age. Good question and I hope you get a reasonable answer to it.
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      Jul 11 2013: you said about cloud computing but ever thought what about those people who don't have internet access
      don't have the money to afford it.
      It can be enjoyable in international 1st world countries but what about India what about students in India.
      Is windows and mac or Linux is all?????
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        Jul 11 2013: No. They are not all, I am sure. The people who do not have money to afford internet access are certainly missing out on this technology. But that is not the concern of the OS developers. That is the concern of the economic planners.
        Unless you have any idea of accessing internet at no cost, with no computers/mobiles. There is no question of any OS then.
        India is a country where mobile user base is 862.62 million. Technology is developing along mobile computing systems. So a future OS may be a mobile based system like say Android.
        However, I don't see any possibility of a free computing environment - it's not even desired.
        And Subhajeet, do you think people who cannot access Internet in India will ever remain that way?
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          Jul 12 2013: But the poor people have also the right of using an operating system.
          According to me "in India approximately 40% of people don't know what is cloud computing"....
          if you ask them what is it then they will say "those are for rich persons" or "A computer in a cloud"...!!!
          And Android!!!! they are just junks, they are history, it's a product of Google, and thousands of bugs.... However they are just launching many versions of it just for there revenue and fun.
          So if you think of a non-profit organizations like Linux then Google uses it's kernel and makes revenue of it.
          And in India who cannot access internet will remain that way?
          the answer is yes!!
          Why because they will use only black and white handsets like Nokia 1110 and play games like snake....
          Linux have no gaming platform except android
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        Jul 12 2013: Dear Subhajeet,
        About 20 years ago, a handset in India would cost you Rs. 80,000/- and a minutes talk time was Rs. 16/- (both incoming and outgoing calls were charged at that rate). So perhaps you are being a little impatient or making light of the pace and power of technology. By statistics, more than 50% of rural India is under active mobile base.
        Don't you think it will be a bit strange to aspire for a free operating system that is good at gaming for a person who lives below poverty line? I mean, does it not appear to you that s/he has a different priority in life? Like food, shelter and healthcare first?
        I spent half my life working with very poor people. I don't think they are dumb. Poverty does not limit basic intelligence (unless there is extreme nutritional deficiency).
        Check this talk
        Nothing in the world is free really, but we just need to be innovative.
        Do you have a better idea? Tell us and we will happily learn from you.
        Best wishes.
  • Jun 22 2013: Lol,I think the future of operating system will be smarter:can be conducted by voice,perform likes a robot:prevent the computer to avoid intruder,hacker...
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      Jun 22 2013: ... besides certain and inbuilt back-doors for certain and influential intelligence services ... therefore Linux seems to offer the best alternative on the long run ... :o)
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      Jul 11 2013: thank you "edulover learner" for your reply about my debate question.!!!
      But think something wonderful
      is this all???