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should smart phone uses be allowed at school

As a korean student, i am obliged to hand in my cell phone every week on monday mornings and recieve it back on friday when i go home.(boarding school). Then i had a wondering- that if this act wasn't too much. So i want to hear everybody's opinion on whether smart phones should be allowed in school or not- since taking the gadget away for a week caused me so much inconveniences. Please share opinions 2ith me!


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  • Jun 21 2013: Im a college student in america, there have been many instances where the professor mentioned something, and using the dictionary or google in my phone so conveniently I was able to make sense of what they were lecturing, or answer a question that the professor had.
    That, and I am a parent, anything could happen while Im in class so I need to be on call.
    As long as its an aid and not a distraction I dont see a problem with it. I prefer a tablet with blocked sites so it doesnt become a distraction in the classroom, as kids are easily distracted lol
    • Jun 22 2013: That's what I think too. Students these days don't necessarily phone or text-message each other to keep in contact(which are the basics of every phone.) Rather Korean students use an app named 'Kakao-Talk' to chat and keep in contact. Now, since you can chat by using apps with Wi-fi connection, you don't really need phones to get in contact with anybody. I mean, as you have said, tablets like i-pads are replacing that very function, but then why are teachers not taking away tablets too, if they have the same usage?
      So I think just taking away mobile phones because they distract students from class, is not legit enough, or appropriate. Other measures should be needed if that is what teachers are truly worried about.

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