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should smart phone uses be allowed at school

As a korean student, i am obliged to hand in my cell phone every week on monday mornings and recieve it back on friday when i go home.(boarding school). Then i had a wondering- that if this act wasn't too much. So i want to hear everybody's opinion on whether smart phones should be allowed in school or not- since taking the gadget away for a week caused me so much inconveniences. Please share opinions 2ith me!


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    Jun 21 2013: well, why did they take it away, if we know their reasons we can make better comment. Probably you would pay better attention to the teacher if you don't have the phone.

    Yeon, if you want more time on your conversation, click "edit" and add more time.
    • Jun 22 2013: Thank you I extended it for another week.
      Yes you are right, phones were originally taken to make students pay better attention to the class.

      But as odd it might be, lots of students in Korea doze off in class.
      What I'm saying here, is that phones are not the main causes that ruins the concentration in class.
      Rarely do the phones ring and students text in class when they own it.

      So what would be the best way to actually increase productivity in class other than taking away phones in class?
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        Jun 22 2013: What do you mean when you say "students text in class when they own it," do you mean when they own their phone? That would seem to justify taking them away, they should be listening to the teacher, not texting, am I right?

        Well, so far I'm thinking it's a good thing to take away the phones, but maybe I don't know the whole situation. I think if I were a teacher, I would probably awaken students who were sleeping. They should be sleeping at home, at night, shouldn't they? As far as other ways to increase productivity, well, is there a productivity problem in South Korea? It's a successful nation, isn't it?

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