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should smart phone uses be allowed at school

As a korean student, i am obliged to hand in my cell phone every week on monday mornings and recieve it back on friday when i go home.(boarding school). Then i had a wondering- that if this act wasn't too much. So i want to hear everybody's opinion on whether smart phones should be allowed in school or not- since taking the gadget away for a week caused me so much inconveniences. Please share opinions 2ith me!


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    Jun 21 2013: I think it is reasonable not to allow phones to be on in the classroom, as they are a distraction not only to the student with the phone but also to others in the classroom.

    At a boarding school, it would seem reasonable for kids to have access to phones when not in the classroom, unless there is a reason for the policy of withdrawing them. Do you know the origins of the policy?

    I assume you have access to laptops in the evenings?
    • Jun 21 2013: Thnx for the tips! And yes, i do have access to laptops in the evening, mainly for studying uses.

      To be honest I haven't really heard of the origins, but as many would assume, i believe that the policy was made to prevent students from disrupting their (and others) study. Also It would subsequently prevent physical health issues such as turtle neck symptoms from watching the phone at the palm of your hands frequently, and addiction with smart phones.

      I agree with the school getting in control of uses at class. However, it'd be better if we received our phones every day in night time, because we're only high school students who can (maybe) get in danger of injured. Situated in the middle of the mountains with lots of rocks and bulky roads, many students get injured when they are hasty or were just walking, and end up breaking their ankles. That happens pretty often.
      Another reason I'd like to have access with my phone during the week has to do with the school's Wi-fi problems. Even though my school's broad and wide, their are limited numbers of Wi-fi installed in classrooms and dormitary, so many students can not have access to internet when they need to make researches or listen to lectures. Smart phones come in handy in these situations, because of the Hot spot function.

      I believe there should be a compromise between the teachers and the students. What would be the best way?
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        Jun 21 2013: How do proposals from students to administrators work in South Korea?
        • Jun 22 2013: Some of the student representatives gather at a regular school assembly, discuss about issues and agendas, then report them to teachers and head master, if this is what you have asked for!

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