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What are some good and easy ways to implement a concept of sustainability way of living in my daily life?

I want to hear how other people practice their "sustainable ways" of living effectively.

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    Apr 10 2011: Eat healthy and exercise. While these are not often touted as important ingredients in the move toward sustainable living, they should be.
    -- The effect of stress reduction on impulse buying and consumption is remarkable.
    -- What is more, support for organic, non-gmo foods plays a meaningful part in reducing the profitability of various highly-destructive agricultural practices. And,
    -- Improvement of your health reduces need for hospitals, medicine, and so on, freeing up money and time to dedicate to other causes.
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      Apr 10 2011: Thank you for your opinion and I definitely agree with you. The food I eat is usually low in carb, mostly vegetables and fruits. Some people argue that we can sustain our body and provide necessary nutritiens through intakign fruits and vegetables. I do eat meat but only without fat and I cut out fatty dairy products, mayonaise, and heavy salad dressing saturated with fat and sugar.

      I do need to exercise more!!
    • Apr 12 2011: I had never thought how stress can contribute to over comsumption, but you are so right!
      Being aware of where your food comes from is very important. This way you can make an informed decision about from who or where to buy your food.
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    • Apr 15 2011: good suggestions, I agree with you
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      Apr 15 2011: bicycle site will help in transportation. i am trying to get rid of half of my possession. i eat vegetable 95% of the time. stopped eating meat. i had join CSA some time back. will join again. i clean other people mess when i need to in public toilet and also clean up after my self and keep the seat up .rest of the above i will follow. Thanks for the idea.
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    Apr 15 2011: The best way to live a sustainable life is to "pay it forward" concept and take the first step of at-least cutting down unnecessary expenditure and then eventually not touching money at all and simultaneously eating only vegetable of all kinds so that all vitamins and proteins we can get. I had come across The Freeconomy Community 2 years back and it changed my life for better . Its based on "pay it forward" concept.
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    Apr 15 2011: I think that moving towards a sustainable way of life begins with an understanding of sustainability itself. Being sustainable is understanding that what you do impacts those around you, and that such an impact must be kept positive for as long as possible. With regards to specific ideas on how to become sustainable, activities such as recycling, the purchase of local produce and less use of automobiles would be a good start. With the recent uproar about online facilities for recycling electronics and such, you may want to consider recycling printer cartridges and other sorts of electronic devices. In addition, research into sustainable technologies would be a good investment for future initiatives. If you have the resources, mobile power is also an option, as well as an energy audit, which is something I believe every household should conduct. With the right knowledge as to energy and resource usage, you should then be able to identify areas which need attention and change your way of life as necessary.
  • Apr 13 2011: Buy as few disposables as possible and reuse disposables as many times as you can. For example, a salsa jar is a better container for refrigerated leftovers than a plastic container, and a hotel shower cap lasts for at least a year of daily use. My friend and I have purchased in thrift stores a large collection of unbreakable plates and bowls that either of us can use for a crowd instead of paper or plastic disposables. We encourage other friends to borrow them. They are nicer to use than plastic as well as being more sustainable.
  • Apr 13 2011: Gazelle buys and resells all kinds of electronics and that is one way to contribute to sustainability. It works great!
  • Apr 13 2011: Simply put, grow a garden.
    There are problems though. If you grow plants that are not native to your area, you ill have to add extra water, and most likely nutrients to your soil. Do some research and find local food plants for you to grow. allow roughly 1-10 plants to grow "to seed" collect these seeds, and replant year after year. I can supplement all of my personal vegetables within a 10x10 garden.
  • Apr 13 2011: If you have the space available, you could do as my grandparents did. They grew their own fruits and vegatables from the time they were children. When you grow your own, you know what goes into your food because you're the one that put it there. Don't forget to rotate your annuals every planting to resupply the soil with nutrients. The parts of the plants not used for food should be composted. On top of that, pulling weeds is good exersize and the fresh air won't hurt either.
  • Apr 9 2011: A few basic ways toward sustainability is switching to public transit for commuting to work, recycle paper and plastic (depending on what recycling program do you have in your community) and compose all organic matter.

    Sustainability can also lead to less dependence on bottled water. If water in your community is safe to drink from your home facet why to buy bottled water?

    Birthday parties produce lots of garbage. Look for paper rather than Styrofoam products like paper plates, paper cups etc.

    Finally, donate or sell stuff you don't need any more and try to minimize things you want to buy.

    Hopefully with more online communities we can see increase in reuse of electronics, tools, clothes and other items.
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      Apr 10 2011: Thank you for the reply. The last sentence you wrote seems a good suggestion for people on this conversation section :-).

      I do agree with your transportation idea that we will reduce fuel cost and smog production through the use of our car products. But I do remember someone saying that this idea will be tangible only if the infrastructure of the US support and provide necessary means for the citizens to be able to use public transportation.

      Your idea of not drinking the bottled water seems pretty good to me also. Like you, I do not understand why there are so many people who buy bottled water which for me, it will be stagnated in that botthe for a long time during the storing session of the products.

      The third and fourth ideas are all good too. I agree with you. We should be more careful about what we eat, use, and spend on...
      • Apr 13 2011: In terms of public transportation, I think this is chicken and egg problem. You can't have a good public transit system without having enough people using it and paying for it, and people don't want to use it until the transit system become good.

        I think either has to happen:
        - taxpayers will agree to finance huge investment in public transit so that more people are willing to use it
        - more people start using it and they will request modest investment in the transit by the government

        I think people drink from bottled water because they got an impression from advertising that it is good to do so. They got impression that water from tap is not good enough.