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What transforms an acquaintance into a friend?

Everyone has acquaintances -- we are all acquaintances here on line. This relationship, acquaintance, is a far cry from friend and friendship, conditions that imply trust, intimacy, comfort, sharing and so on. But what is it that tips the scale?

What is it that transformed for you one of your acquaintanceships?

Was it one major event that sealed the deal or a series of encounters that slowly built your friendship out of the rough material of acquaintanceship?


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    • Jun 20 2013: Trust is a vital glue, LaMar. I suppose that is what ultimately allows people to forge strong bonds.
    • Jun 21 2013: LaMar,

      Your feminine side is showing.
      But, heck, that's a good thing...
      Well written.
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    • W T 100+

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      Jun 21 2013: "I have friends that I have known since elementary and our kids are now friends"

      Wow LaMar.....that is such a priviledge.
      Not all of us have that blessing in our life.
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      • Jun 22 2013: Mary, I am getting jealous of LaMar.
        He has a special knack of writing that causes the ladies to swoon...
        He probably grew up in a small town.
        But I have to wonder about the "letting our hair down" thingy...
        So, I've decided he must be a hair-dresser, a friendly hair-dresser.

        I was going to cancel this and erase it. But, what are friends for,
        if not to kid each other.

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