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What inner change have you made to shift the entire trajectory of your life?

Serendipity can force change on any one of us.

Someone dies. A business closes. A tree falls. The lump grows too large to ignore. The spouse leaves. Love comes along. Lightning strikes.

But what inner change have you made knowingly and willingly -- even though it may have been very difficult -- to shift the entire trajectory of your life? Why? In what way(s) has this change made a difference in the manner in which you live?

For me: Mindfulness meditation works daily in and on my life. Few people are aware of this, though family and friends know my history of study. It helps me back down when I'd rather retort, it helps me move toward when I'd rather edge away.

These decisions are often quite insignificant in the whole play of life. You know, because you have your own scenarios. You let someone into the line of cars or you don't. We decide, sometimes in a split second. We all face these decisions.

You decide to continue to send a quick wave to the neighbor who never acknowledges anyone. This, instead of reacting: "Hey, she doesn't deserve it."

The influence of mindfulness: If you're someone who waves, then you wave.

So, mindfulness meditation over time has helped pumice my roughness, helped me take a breath before responding, to remember it's not all about me. Never was.

You: Have you adopted a philosophy or shifted course or educated yourself in some way that has made all the difference in changing the trajectory of your life?


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  • Jun 22 2013: When I was in Grade 10, French was mandatory in the school system I was part of. However, I was not really good at French and by that I mean oil and water not good. The entire french department went to the vice principal and said "find something else for him to do". The only thing in that time slot was "data processing".
    That slight change did two things for me. It started me on a career that included working for both Sun and Microsoft (that transition was unpleasant to say the least) and it made it clear to me that what I thought were rules were just guidelines.
    From then on, my education path was the one I wanted, not usually the designed path. Prerequisites were just opinions and anything could be accomplished with enough signatures.
    Whenever I talk to students I try to emphasize that any opportunity that even hints at coming by should be pursued and seized if possible and if everybody is doing something you should consider it toxic and do something else.

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