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Image of Pakistan in your sight?

How do you feel when you hear about Pakistan?
What stereotypes you have for people of Pakistan?
Do you really think, they are terrorist?
What if a Pakistani adds you on social network?

Kindly be Precise and Short.


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  • Jul 19 2013: Well !! I'm from India. The country which hates Pakistan the most than any other country.

    I don't feel so safe, maybe because of the mental image formed by my country in me since childhood for being Pakistan's enemy.
    For stereotypes, our country assumes Pakistan as the first suspect for any terror attack.
    No, I don't think they are all terrorists. It sounds funny to me.
    I actually have a friend on Facebook who is from Pakistan.

    Bottom line, I respect the country very much and I know there are a lot of people with consummate skills, lying unused in the country because of the unavailability of the resources and majorly due to the corrupt and kind of a military ruled government. I love the Pakistani food and enjoy eating haleem during the Ramadan and other savories. We have a lot of people of Pakistan taking refuge in our country, we all colloquially live together and celebrate all the festivals regardless of the religion. We love and respect the country and want both the countries to establish peace relations on the Kashmir issue.

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