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Image of Pakistan in your sight?

How do you feel when you hear about Pakistan?
What stereotypes you have for people of Pakistan?
Do you really think, they are terrorist?
What if a Pakistani adds you on social network?

Kindly be Precise and Short.


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    Jul 9 2013: I've met incredibly erudite Pakistanis in the U.S. and had great discussions with them. I find it hard to reconcile these folks with all the other realities that Pakistan is: mass illiteracy, a thin veneer of landlords taking advantage of ignorant rural folks, oppressed women, a dysfunctional government, a military caste bent on building nukes, millions filled with hate against minorities such as Shiites, paranoia about India, poverty fueled by underinvestment, madrassahs indoctrinating young people in the most extreme variations of Sunni Islam, open acceptance of violence, and an economic future as bleak as one can imagine. I find it immensely depressing that Pakistan's rulers have traded nuclear information with North Korea. If I had to pick the most likely nation to be annihilated in some kind of crazy nuclear exchange, I'd place Pakistan right at the top of the list. It's a nation without a future (except in terms of massive population growth.) I'm sorry Najam, but that's how I see Pakistan.

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