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Image of Pakistan in your sight?

How do you feel when you hear about Pakistan?
What stereotypes you have for people of Pakistan?
Do you really think, they are terrorist?
What if a Pakistani adds you on social network?

Kindly be Precise and Short.


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    Jul 9 2013: I do not have any particular image of Pakistan.

    I have met, and spoken to many Pakistani individuals, on line, and face to face.
    Usually the ones I meet in my community have been women, or else the entire family is out and about shopping.

    They have all spoken English, and many times also Urdu.
    Our conversations have been very pleasant.
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      Jul 9 2013: Pakistan is land of diversity, explore our music, culture and foods. you should explore them all :)
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        Jul 9 2013: I am hoping that as more and more Pakistanis come to Florida, I will be able to enjoy their culture.
        Of course, nothing beats travelling abroad......perhaps one day Najam.......perhaps one day.

        Thank you for sharing your culture, music, and insights with us.
        I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everybody's wonderful comments.

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