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Chemical Engineer, Heal Pakistan


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Image of Pakistan in your sight?

How do you feel when you hear about Pakistan?
What stereotypes you have for people of Pakistan?
Do you really think, they are terrorist?
What if a Pakistani adds you on social network?

Kindly be Precise and Short.


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    Jul 3 2013: Hello Najam, and welcome to TED:>)

    The image I keep in sight, is peace and harmony for Pakistan.

    When I hear about Pakistan, I think of so many innocent people in harms way.

    The majority of people in Pakistan are NOT terrorist. In fact, I believe it to be a very small number who want to terrorize others.

    What if a Pakistani adds you on social network?
    Noveed is one Pakistani I have been gratefully communicating with for quite awhile:>)
    (Hope you don't mind Noveed!)

    I just looked at your profile Najam, and I LOVE this....
    "not only is the glass half full, but there's a full one around here someplace"
    Good one my friend:>)
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      Jul 3 2013: Colleen I am grateful that you remembered me during commenting on this post. Najam! Colleen has a magical personality like no one else in my life, I think this is really cool that whenever I get so depressed or extremely happy without thinking I share it with her and it's a coincidence that she always has a good idea for me. :)

      There is a sunshine after every dark night so I believe that soon my country will be a place of harmony and peace where people from every school of thought and ethnic group will be respected.
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        Jul 6 2013: Dear Noveed,
        I cannot forget you unless I lose all my memory completely!

        I agree Noveed, that there is sunshine after every dark night, so we will keep the image of peace and harmony for your country, and all countries in our world:>)

        Thank you again and again my friend, for your kind words.
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          Jul 7 2013: Hey Colleen, Thankyou for your feedback.

          Glad to know you already have a Pakistani friend, Majority of people want peace and to live their lives, no wonder when this region will know peace but least we can do is to work for it.

          As Noveed said, there is light at the end of dark and there's a glass full somewhere around too.
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        Jul 7 2013: Hey Noveed.

        True Noveed, There is Hope for us, Lets work for it.

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