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How do you think, you can influence the world?

There are many revolutionary ideas, and advancements, but how do you get people to listen and go along with your ides? Give me your opinion on this!

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    • Jun 22 2013: LaMar,
      You've covered most of it well. And I will look up your stuff to read and see.
      But, I have a niggly little problem with the 'good feedback' angle you dangle.
      I think maybe a barbecue and some beer would get the same positive results.
      Asking others for their approval and revising your ideas based upon their judgments
      isn't something I would want to use to determine my boundaries, unless of course
      I felt I was the dunce and they were my teachers.

      Just trying to tell the teacher how the student feels. lol

      A story, It was a blizzard. I had to get a running start with my broken down '49 chevy coupe.
      The hill was on route 7, running up the mountain outside of St. Albans, VT. I could barely make
      the top if I could reach 55mph at the bottom.

      My English Teacher, a pregnant lady, was standing on a corner as I rushed by. I noticed she
      recognized my car and waved like she wanted a ride. I ignored her plight, and raced on to my
      destination at the top of the hill.

      The following day, in English class, we had a quiz. I had a sentence to map, and I cannot ever
      forget the words. "Courage means to be afraid to so something, but to go ahead and do it." .
      I turned in my quiz paper. She wrote an "F" for my grade. I asked why? She let my quiz paper
      slowly drop into her desk-side waste basket. She calmly looked at me and made no remark.

      The aftermath -- She left teaching to have her child. Her replacement was a gentleman with the
      same last name as mine. He taught poetry. I had poetry published in the VT Historical Society's
      publication, winning 3rd place in a state-wide contest. I later received a grade of "A".

      The funny thing is that my French teacher gave me only a grade of "B".
      But then I had just broken up with my girlfriend, her daughter.

      Ahhh, the women in my life...
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        • Jun 22 2013: LaMar,
          Your the best.
          You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award.
          with 3 extra stars for defense.
          I guess we all are alike in many ways.
          Conceit doesn't run in my family, it gallops.
          To influence the world today is harder to do without a platform
          and a great deal of money to advertise a position.

          The ole' Soap-Box in the Park cannot be a constructive tool.

          But, today we have the Internet.
          The noise from everyone's 'new ideas' being expressed, are being
          also channeled by specialty web-sites, such as TED, and TED's

          TED's channeling them into non-threatening dialogue, those 'new ideas'
          to be first mulled over, then challenged and disputed, and finally captured
          and improved upon by eager minds that seek channels for their 'new ideas'.

          First to support and then to gossip about on a thousand different web-sites..
          Spreading and changing.

          I see Government falling before the onslaught only now beginning.
          Isn't it fun to be at the beginning of great change.

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