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How do you think, you can influence the world?

There are many revolutionary ideas, and advancements, but how do you get people to listen and go along with your ides? Give me your opinion on this!

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    Jun 20 2013: not sure why everyone thinks they can/should change the world.

    maybe it's just broadly worded and you mean influence the people around you.

    i don't buy into the global village trend that's been sparked off by the internet.

    just try and improve your own neighbourhood - Rick Danko said that.
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    • Jun 22 2013: LaMar,
      You've covered most of it well. And I will look up your stuff to read and see.
      But, I have a niggly little problem with the 'good feedback' angle you dangle.
      I think maybe a barbecue and some beer would get the same positive results.
      Asking others for their approval and revising your ideas based upon their judgments
      isn't something I would want to use to determine my boundaries, unless of course
      I felt I was the dunce and they were my teachers.

      Just trying to tell the teacher how the student feels. lol

      A story, It was a blizzard. I had to get a running start with my broken down '49 chevy coupe.
      The hill was on route 7, running up the mountain outside of St. Albans, VT. I could barely make
      the top if I could reach 55mph at the bottom.

      My English Teacher, a pregnant lady, was standing on a corner as I rushed by. I noticed she
      recognized my car and waved like she wanted a ride. I ignored her plight, and raced on to my
      destination at the top of the hill.

      The following day, in English class, we had a quiz. I had a sentence to map, and I cannot ever
      forget the words. "Courage means to be afraid to so something, but to go ahead and do it." .
      I turned in my quiz paper. She wrote an "F" for my grade. I asked why? She let my quiz paper
      slowly drop into her desk-side waste basket. She calmly looked at me and made no remark.

      The aftermath -- She left teaching to have her child. Her replacement was a gentleman with the
      same last name as mine. He taught poetry. I had poetry published in the VT Historical Society's
      publication, winning 3rd place in a state-wide contest. I later received a grade of "A".

      The funny thing is that my French teacher gave me only a grade of "B".
      But then I had just broken up with my girlfriend, her daughter.

      Ahhh, the women in my life...
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        • Jun 22 2013: LaMar,
          Your the best.
          You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award.
          with 3 extra stars for defense.
          I guess we all are alike in many ways.
          Conceit doesn't run in my family, it gallops.
          To influence the world today is harder to do without a platform
          and a great deal of money to advertise a position.

          The ole' Soap-Box in the Park cannot be a constructive tool.

          But, today we have the Internet.
          The noise from everyone's 'new ideas' being expressed, are being
          also channeled by specialty web-sites, such as TED, and TED's

          TED's channeling them into non-threatening dialogue, those 'new ideas'
          to be first mulled over, then challenged and disputed, and finally captured
          and improved upon by eager minds that seek channels for their 'new ideas'.

          First to support and then to gossip about on a thousand different web-sites..
          Spreading and changing.

          I see Government falling before the onslaught only now beginning.
          Isn't it fun to be at the beginning of great change.
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    Jun 20 2013: Test your ideas on your self and than test it on the masses.

    Live by your ideas and let as many people know about it ,as possible.
  • Jun 20 2013: i cant change the world, though I'd like to... I'll aim for changing the world, so that if I achieve even a tiny percentage of that, I'll be satisfied...
    i try to be what and who I want to see in other people in society. be nice, smile, inform people, help people when they look lost whether you know them or not, be peaceful, be self serving and considerate.
    I see my co-workers, family, friends, and even strangers I crossed paths with once or twice catch on and share the same attitudes, lifestyle, and knowledge, it makes me feel good.
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    Jun 20 2013: If any idea is good enough, it will be heard eventually. Just like how some artists weren't appreciated in their time, their artwork was good enough to be appreciated after their death. As far as a catalyst for your idea to get permeated throughout the world, I'm not quite sure. Maybe if you got some reputable scientist, poet, etc. to agree with your idea then it may spread quicker. Also, if the idea is very revolutionary, I'd try younger experts as they are less likely to cling to older ideas that contradict yours.
  • Jun 23 2013: Simple.

    Positive energy, thought, hard work, empathy and understanding, perspective, and collaboration.

    Be a good listener.

    People are more willing to adhere to your position if they think you are listening to and respect their positions. Look for ways you position can be improved by including a recognized contribution from their position. This provides a win-win scenario unless positions are diametrically opposed, then perhaps at least a win-not a total loss scenario.
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    Jun 22 2013: The places I live at different times are part of the greater world, so with positive acts , thoughts for the betterment of humanity is my way of influencing world.
  • Jun 22 2013: Yali,

    When you visualize changes for the betterment of mankind.
    Tell whomever will listen.
    Seek a venue for your Manifesto.

    Then use it to tell, -- like this 'sample Manifesto'...
    Hey guys and gals, listen up !!!
    Here in America, like most of today's sophisticated democratic nations,
    the media is controlled by political parties, who share the government.

    A simple strategy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
    when the only gossip you hear and see is from your radio, tv, or internet,
    and the commentators are arguing about the same bad guys vs good ones,
    choices are simple. Pick one. The political party's leaders don't care.
    Remember the two parties share the government.

    When times are good, food's always on the table, and when times are hard,
    food stamps and welfare kicks in. Why rock the boat?

    Of course this is just a sample Manifesto.
    A real Manifesto gets no radio time, no tv time, and no internet time.
    A real Manifesto gets a 'Soap-Box in the Park'.
  • Jun 21 2013: Then our purpose is not to influence others, it is to be influenced by the light that is reflected upon us.
  • Jun 21 2013: I do not think we can ever change the world - meaning, influence others. Multiple people here have already said that the world strives to influence others, and people effectively block themselves from ever being influenced by others.

    Instead, the world has total influence on us. However, it is really how we interpret the influence of this world. Human condition disorients what we see and then we segregate things between good and evil, light and dark. We have to think about those two dichotomies. Why did we boil the expansion of human existence into two ideas that really are not different from one another. "Darkness" as a concept of physics cannot be measured. However, light can be measured. Therefore, what we perceive to be "dark" is really just "low-light." By this model, try comparing good and evil: if Dark is the ABSENCE of light, then is evil the ABSENCE of good? I believe that is the truth.

    Let's consider many organized world religions, which strive so desperately to enlighten man- and womankind. However, they claim to be the light or a lest representing the light, but organized religion is created by man- and womankind; it is not created by God. Overall, the three major religions of Earth state that humans are naturally born sinners, and there will be or has been a deity that came to pay the debt for our sins and therefore bring light into our lives. If it is only the deity of that religion that can give light to the sins of humankind, then why do humans try to give light to human sins?

    Now, this is where I become attention-deficit and start thinking in scientific terms. Black is the total absorption of light, and white is the total reflection of light. If black cannot absorb black, then why should it try? (assuming that black represents a sentient being) The purpose of black existing is no other than to absorb all light, and therefore the purpose of white existing is to reflect all light.

    So if God is white (light), and we are black (sinners)
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    Jun 21 2013: I can influence the world by keeping myself ready and compliant to be influenced. If everyone wants to influence who will be influenced? Moreover, I don't like a one to many approach. Rather if you can influence some people reasoably and encourage them to influence others in turn, it will be far more effective.
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    Jun 20 2013: Your idea should be compelling. It isn't all about salesmanship.