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Why new viruses are more powerful than the old ones? Why we can not be against them?

How much our knowledge about the humans health grows, new and more powerful viruses emerge more!
why we can not stop their emerge?

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    Lejan .

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    Jun 22 2013: Because life is motion, constantly changing, adapting and transforming. And even though our immune-system is highly adaptable towards this dynamic and capable of 'learning' to a certain degree, the pace of 'mutation' can not always be compensated by 'counter strategies' just in time, or even in general and thats why this 'clash of concepts' keeps on moving as we haven't yet the knowledge nor technology to continuously stay ahead this race ...
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    Jun 20 2013: Darwin

    Survival of the fittest.

    Weaklings will be weeded out. Strong will emerge.This is evolution.

    And you can not stop evolution.
  • Jun 30 2013: thanks for all your comment
  • Jun 24 2013: New viruses are not more powerful. They are just better adapted to whatever medical armamentarium we use against them. This does not mean they are stronger or more resistant.. viruses are just like other biological organisms. They evolve to survive. We as humans developed specialized immune cells to fight off infection.. the viruses also developed strategies to survive along side its hosts. Is it becoming more powerful? seems like it but in reality its just they are becoming more adapted to the situation.. a virus or bacteria becoming more powerful is just an illusion.
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    Jun 22 2013: Because nature some times is a better engineer than we human beings. Our immune system combats viruses but viruses adapt themselves to escape our immune system. I guess we have to live with the evolution.
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    Jun 21 2013: Not sure how the power of viruses is measured. What I feel until we can invent / discover new vaccine / anti viral drug against particular virus it may kill people and people perceive it to be powerful.
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    Jun 21 2013: We cannot stop their emegence because in order to do that we have to be excluded from biological realm and that does not seem wise. However, we can learn to live with them.
  • Jun 20 2013: Mutation can happen at any reproduction with the same probability. Because Viruses have a much shorter reproduction cycle, they happen to mutate very fast and adapdt to new envoirments. And with time and dispersal viruses tend to get less dangerous because the don´twant to kill their hosts
  • Jun 20 2013: My personal opinion is all of these viruses that are not found naturally in earth or in our bodies are man made, and as man continues to play with viruses, vaccinations, and DNA we will continue to endure further hardships of more dangerous viruses.
    Anything natural can be naturally fought without medications, vaccinations, and such.