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What is the future of the Music Industry ?

Most of what we take for granted in the music business today is brand new. A decade ago there was no iPod, YouTube, Myspace, Facebook or Apple iTunes store. A decade from now, the industry will be very different than it is today and anyone seeking a career in music needs to learn to adapt and exploit the trends that are shaping the future of the music business.
Does The music industry has been utterly ripped apart by the impact of technology and social media ?
And are we going to assist the extinction of some instruments ?

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    Jun 22 2013: The future of music hopefully doesn't include traditional radio stations, or manufactured stars. I think the music industry is doing their best to destroy what music could be. If I have to hear the red hot chili peppers one more time on the local rock station, Im going to throw up and drive my car off a cliff.
    Techno, and all it's variations are the future of music. Follow EDM trends and see the future. IMHO.
    • Jun 23 2013: This is interesting, aj - you think techno and all its variations is the future? I beg to differ.
      Of the wide array of genres alive and kicking in the world today, techno is but one aspect. Yes, music is evolving due to technological advances in 'in the box' studio techniques, but this by no means implies that all other genres will diminish, does it? I personally believe that with every movement, regardless of branch, there is a counter-movement. Acoustic, dynamic, LP, vintage, reel-to-reel, these old-skool things are making a come-back in a big way. The future of music may very well be nothing more than the human voice!
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        Jun 23 2013: Lizanne, EDM is just my favorite type of music so I'm a bit biased. I agree with you that other music forms will remain important, it can't be Deadmau5 and skrillex for ever. But I see the trend in modern rap/pop music, pretty much techno beats with some idiots rapping to it. House music, took over the club scene, and even some rock groups are going techno. I don't feel that music being more easily created using computers detracts from the quality at all. What detracts from musical quality in my opinion is boy bands, corporate creations like Justin Bieber, and most rap. Beyond that I like most types of music.
        • Jun 24 2013: Yes, my musical utopia would look different too... ;)

          We're dealing, I feel, with two very different kinds of music.
          1. Music that is made purely with the intent of selling it.
          2. Music that is made purely with the intent of expression.

          Boy bands and corporate creations fit into category 1, and anything else that is created with passion for music, as an art form, regardless of how it's created, fits into category 2.

          My biggest problem, which I see you agree with, is that this corporate created music is what kids hear more often than anything else. It's 'mainstream', which means it's repeated to the point of exhaustion on any form of media available. It is ONLY about money, and lots of it. This music not only warps kids' perception of what music should be, in my opinion, it also takes advantage of the kids who are making it. These corporate creations are marionettes, a sad sad result of the negative power of the music industry, and when these kids sell less, they will be dumped by the label and left to recover in rehab.

          When we look at how the music industry has changed over just the past 40 years, it has done so at an incredible pace. Commercial music will always be fleeting, temporary. It is not made to last, it is made to fatten peoples' bank accounts. The future is just around the corner, and like so many bubbles in our society, I am convinced we are on the brink of another explosion.

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