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can the african youth contribute to saving the continent?

As an African child, i have always not been given the platform to help me say something about the state of my continent and how it is likely to affect my children and others, if there was to be a way for African children to have a common conference to deliberate on how they can contribute to this situation, then probably, we can also work towards saving our beautiful continent.


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I have read all the statements from all of you my friends, you have made me understood the relevance of my existence, a believe that if i have seen the problem, i must also identify the solution. this is a new challenge to me and i shall prove to the world that indeed Africans can bring peace to the world...

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    Jun 24 2013: the failure is not from myself, its from the entire society within which i find myself, if there was to be a stronger group of young men and women who have courage to stand up for their future, this issue would have been completed and solved.I have seen the importance of my existence and i shall capitalise on it to benefit my small community...

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