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What is more important, security or privacty ?

In recent times we have talked a lot about privacy. About the possibility that we may be controlled and thus lose our privacy.
However these measures may be imporantes for our safety. Help in many situations.
After that, I think, what is more important, our security and our privacy?


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    Jun 22 2013: As long as our 'personalized mobility' is causing more casualties per year than 'acts of terrorism' there is no reason to invade anyones privacy, as there is neither any logical nor legal reason to do so:

    List of motor vehicle deaths in U.S. by year

    Terrorist attacks and related incidents in the United States

    The examples chosen for the USA are exemplary for obvious reasons, yet apply to all EU states as well.

    You don't even have to absorb all data, just pick a view years and compare for yourself and 'rethink' if security is the main motivation compared to the effort and 'investments' put in each field and its resulting consequences.

    As 'motor vehicle deaths' is just one source for security comparison, there are plenty other 'non terrorist' possibilities to choose from.

    By this it may becomes obvious that 'security' is only a matter of perception and comparison, which can be (and is) manipulated via media, whereas 'privacy' is no matter of perception and comparison and should therefore be carefully observed before it is limited or even taken.

    My tipping point for considerations towards a reduction in privacy would therefore be the point both statistics break even in this comparison, provided, that focus, effort and financial resources would have been spent proportional on each subject beforehand.

    Any other claim for more 'security' against terrorism before this point was reached originates from a different agenda, which, per definition, is not a democratic one.

    And yes, those comparisons are valid to make as they justify themselves via the logic of the given subject.

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