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Is the current state of politics in the U.S. due to the race of our president?

Many conservatives who held certain positions before Obama was elected had taken the opposite view when he took those same positions. For example, the Affordable Care Act was modelled after Romney's health care law when he was governor. Currently they have tried to repeal it 37 times. In recent times this much acrimony has not been seen, and never before have we had a president with African ancestry. Is there a connection? I am especially interested in answers based on documented facts.


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  • Jun 25 2013: Kate are you a U.S. citizen?
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      • Jun 26 2013: Kate, of course you do not have to be a US citizen to reply here, that is why I asked if you were a US citizen! To get a real feel for the racism that exists here, to get a sense of the culture that is US racism, you must live among those who are the perpetrators of and those who are the victims of racism. I am sure the same is true of any cultural phenomenon in your country, that is, to get a sense of that phenomenon I would have to be among those who experience it.

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