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Have you loved yourself today?

It is fascinating when I ask people the question, " Have you loved yourself today?" and they get a look on their face like I have asked them to take their clothes off. The uncomfortable 5 second pause turns into the comfortable "how they take care of others" conversation ad eventually they might say one or two things that they do to love themselves. So I challenge you think how do you really love yourself...daily?

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    Apr 11 2011: All individuals are unique and yet the same. If you truly love another then it is not possible to not love yourself. Love means giving and you cannot give if you are empty.
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    Apr 11 2011: Yes, I have. The day was a bad one, but even in my down or difficult moments I feel I'm learning and I watch myself grow. The best gift I give myself is consciousness and awareness of the life around me and I am grateful.
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    Apr 11 2011: What an interesting question and one I suspect most guys may have a hard time honestly answering because we are practical about love as with most things. We can easily love our parents and siblings, wives and kids, our friends and even our pets, because they give something back in return, a word of encouragement, a smile for no reason, etc. In essence they can reciprocate our love and affections in measurable ways. But to spend time and effort loving ourselves, what would be the point of that? And Except as Vasil and Matthieu have already eluded to, it would be an exercise in futility, wouldn't it?
    Love has a reflection and an image, it has a personality and a soul and is always reflected in the eyes of those that you have shown love and kindness toward. If you spend your day giving those around you love in ways that they can recognize, and if you do it for no reward or personal gratification and without prejudice or preference you will have loved yourself in ways that are immeasurable. Because there can be no gratification or self esteem in self love, the notion that you must love yourself first before you can love others is a misnomer. I believe the inverse is true it is only after you have loved someone else that you may truly love yourself. I know of many people who love themselves but hate the world, because the world is unlike them and that for them is unbearable.
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    Apr 9 2011: I'd imagine the looks originate with the fact that our definition of love is so distorted, particularly in modern American society. Self-love is probably the most important foundation for success. As I get older, I recognize the genius of my kindergarten graduation coordinators making us sing "The Greatest Love of All." The words remain, all these years later.

    Today, I took time to enjoy the sunshine, sup leisurely, without deferring to the demands of a clock or client, read vigorously, and explore new ways of connecting with people and ideas like these. All of these are forms of loving my inner self. Tomorrow, i will extend that leisurely pace by checking out the Elizabeth Taylor memorial film marathon on Turner Classic Movies.
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    Apr 9 2011: The reason you get the look on their face is due to the unclear definition of "love".

    Heck, when I saw the title, my immediate association was as if you asked "Did you masturbate today?"... I knew that's most likely not what you're asking, but the association remained for at least 5 seconds indeed.

    Yes, I loved myself today... err... I think. And I do so almost daily, though I sometimes don't have the time.
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    Apr 9 2011: Not yet today.
    But, I'm happy everyday, not all day everyday, so I do love myself daily, but not all day daily. I think it is something worth practicing, because it also gives us the opportunity to practice compassion, gratitude, love for the world and kindness. I can't help but ask, how can we do that? How can we teach, or learn to love ourselves, is that something that can be passed on?
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    Apr 9 2011: in my opinion to really love myself means to love my fellows , but it is impossible because doing it I'll become the most unbearable person.