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Have you loved yourself today?

It is fascinating when I ask people the question, " Have you loved yourself today?" and they get a look on their face like I have asked them to take their clothes off. The uncomfortable 5 second pause turns into the comfortable "how they take care of others" conversation ad eventually they might say one or two things that they do to love themselves. So I challenge you think how do you really love yourself...daily?


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    Apr 9 2011: I'd imagine the looks originate with the fact that our definition of love is so distorted, particularly in modern American society. Self-love is probably the most important foundation for success. As I get older, I recognize the genius of my kindergarten graduation coordinators making us sing "The Greatest Love of All." The words remain, all these years later.

    Today, I took time to enjoy the sunshine, sup leisurely, without deferring to the demands of a clock or client, read vigorously, and explore new ways of connecting with people and ideas like these. All of these are forms of loving my inner self. Tomorrow, i will extend that leisurely pace by checking out the Elizabeth Taylor memorial film marathon on Turner Classic Movies.

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