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Does a Full Democracy has a limit of people that it reaches and it starts being counterproductive...

I have the idea that you can have as many people in a democracy and it would be a best fair system possible. But the time it takes to have everyone's thought and opinion counted for can be reasonable if you have few enough people, have too many and it takes much longer and is more counterproductive. To a point (Like the United States Of America) a Republic of elected leaders is much more reasonable and would work better, while still getting the job at hand done. It would be absolutely insane to count everyone's vote in a large place like the US every time we think of attacking another nation or proposing a law.


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  • Jul 11 2013: This is relevant to the situation in Europe. Most European countries worked fairly well as democracies until the European project. A major complaint about the EU is the absence of democracy.

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