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The creation of an international autism community for research purposes.

Autism is a fairly new research. Through close observation, I notice a parallelism between the intellect of autistic individuals and the history of chromagnum mankind.

Please elaborate if these observations are being recorded scientifically and shed possible causes of this mental veil.

If autism is not managed we could possibly have a new era of mankind.

  • Jun 21 2013: I read an article of a guy treating his autistic son with marijuana, no results on the effectiveness of it though, Im sure it works better than the drugs people make, cause its a drug made by good ol mother earth, shes the best doc there is.

    I didnt know autism was such a terrifying growing epidemic. I know people who are autistic and they're really cool, they behave pretty normally and they're SOOO freakin gifted at something. They all smoke weed too so...

    We need to stop playing God, stop trying to manage everything and create/alter everything, that's why we have all these new mental issues and health issues going on, we stopped trusting our earth and started trusting sociopaths that like to play God cause they make good commercials and news articles.

    Just let it be, man. You dont need to know and control everything.
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    Jun 20 2013: Here is a link for you:

    Also, Temple Grandin's TED Talk is on the special potential of autistic people.