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Is there such a thing as objective value?

There are a few things that come to mind that may be hard for some to decide what is more valuable than another. (e.g. life, money, objects, relationships, decisions, etc...)

Is there any way to ever decide that one thing is better than another under all circumstances?

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    Jun 22 2013: If we are dead the question does not matter. Therefore, staying alive must be important. To stay alive we need to (in descending priortity): breathe; drink water; eat and metabolize food; and have shelter and clothing. So, Earth's atmosphere has the ultimate objective value, followed by Earth's supply system of fresh water; then the Earth's system of pertetuating flora and fauna; etc. etc. Notice the common element? The answer to your question is, "YES".
  • Jun 21 2013: No, circumstances define what is valuable and what isn't, what is valuable under some circumstances may be irrelevant under other circumstances. However if you have a well defined set of priorities you will always be able to decide what is best under any circumstances.